Reviews: Solo Flight

Amazon is being a bully again. (I should probably say “still”.) It has classified Solo Flight as one of those evil adult books it needs to protect people from. You can type “Solo Flight” and “Pia Veleno” into the search field and Amazon will still not show the book. You have to have the direct link, or go through my Amazon Author page to get at it. Talk about a buzz kill on sales! Shit, Amazon, is this your version of book burning in the electronic age??

So, please, dear Readers, if you’re interested in Solo Flight please consider downloading it directly from Loose Id who, unlike Amazon, believes you deserve all the Sexily Ever After that you can read.

Click here for my Bookshelf at Loose Id


Here are a couple of reviews for Solo Flight that I just heard about through LI’s review coordinator. I know, I should keep an eye out for these things but the Day Job has been taking all of my computer time lately.

If you haven’t read Hawk’s story yet, check out these wonderful reviews. Let’s see if they catch your interest!


MM Good Book Reviews

Lisa at MM Good Book Reviews gave Solo Flight four hearts and said:

It is a strange little story but it caught my attention from the moment I opened the book and kept it all the way to the end. Pia has a great gift at telling a story and I am glad to have had the chance to read it. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next story.

Read the entire review here: MM Good Book Reviews. Thank you Lisa!!


Mrs Condit & Friends

Miss Piggy at Mrs. Condit’s blog gave Solo Flight four peas and said:

I found Solo flight refreshing and different than most m/m stories. There was less emphasis on sex and attraction than there was on the internal struggles that people tend to go through after a failed relationship.

Miss Piggy also discovered my “dedication” which just tickles me. I agonize over those things even though I suspect only a small percentage read them. This one was especially important to me. I’ve felt that two-by-four more than once in my life!

Read the entire review here: Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books. Thank you Miss Piggy!!


If those reviews have your interest, each has a buy link, or you can click the banner for Solo Flight below.

Solo Flight

Jabberwocky: Football, Ghosts, and an Angel

* It’s football season, and with it, we watched the movie Draft Day. I didn’t need any help getting in the mood for football but it sure didn’t hurt. Good movie. If you’re an NFL fan, check it out.

* I finished reading Diana Copeland’s A Reason to Believe. This was a great detective/ghost story. Diana expertly wove together a budding romance hindered by one detective’s refusal to let go a lover two years in the ground with a murder mystery that started with a child ghost leading the detective to her hidden body.

* The Day Job has been keeping me busy enough that most evenings I refuse to open the laptop at home. I’m fighting that denial, trying to work some time in to write. It’s been tough but I’m not giving up. Anyone want to loan me a couple of hours each day?

* The rerelease of Fallen is unofficially slated for some time in November. Very unofficial at this point. Fingers crossed that the Day Job doesn’t interfere too much.

* The weather has cooled and I’m hoping it says just like this — overcast and cool — for next weekend. It’ll be my first race of the Fall. In this weather, I run so much better. PR here I come!

Have a great weekend, dear Readers. Go Patriots!

Update on Former Silver Publishing Books

I received a comment on an old post recently. The commenter asked about the sequel to Man Whore. I’ve been meaning to address that for some time, so how about now.

Back when Man Whore was first released, I had some troubles that left a bad taste in my mouth. It took a while to dive back into those characters and write the second story. By the time that sequel was completed, there were already hints that Silver Publishing wouldn’t be around for the long haul, so I set the manuscript aside to see how those things would wash out.

Unfortunately, wash out was the right term. SP is gone, and I’m still figuring out what to do with the stories they abandoned. So far, I have this:

My Ghost – rereleased as of August 2nd. It can be found on Amazon, ARe, and Smashwords.

Fallen – Under contract with Loose Id. Expect a new name with the rerelease near year end.

Bound By Love – New name and cover assigned. I’m working through self-pubbing hell. Hopefully I’ll have it ready to rerelease by end of September.

Man Whore – This one is more difficult. It doesn’t fit Loose Id’s house style, so I haven’t even showed it to my editor there. I also haven’t made the time to research which publishing house might be interested. Recommendations are welcome from those of you who have read it.

Then there’s the rest of the Personal Demons series (of which Man Whore is the first). The second title is ready to submit to a publisher, and the rest of the series has individual synopses prepared. Part of me wants to finish first drafts of the remaining stories first. The rest of me knows that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Perhaps I’m avoiding the work of figuring out a new publishing house. Loose Id isn’t going anywhere and I don’t want to risk another Silver fiasco.

Please, dear Readers, recommendations and/or patience appreciated. I’ll figure it out eventually. I haven’t forgotten. There is so much on my writing to do list, and Man Whore is high up on that list.

The Easy (er) Sport

They say running is an easy sport to pick up. Just put one foot in front of the other. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

It’s not that easy. Sometimes the feet end up higher than the hips.

I don’t trail run often but I’m no amateur either. With a recent break in the August heat, I ducked into the woods when I would’ve normally been running laps around the office campus. As I neared the end of the trail, I experienced a brief moment of distraction which ended with my foot catching… something, and the rest of me continuing with the momentum of my run.

I never thought myself a fast runner but that little trip had me rushing at the ground pretty darn fast. Not so fast that several thoughts couldn’t race through my mind as I fell.

Pick up your feet for fuck’s sake.

You got this.

No, you don’t.

Ground to knee. Ouch.

Shoulder’s gonna hurt if we don’t do something.

Tuck and roll.

Not exactly.

Gotta try. Pulled shoulder in, tucked chin to chest.

Roll. Yes. Got this.


Then I’m sitting on the edge of a bed of ferns, my legs splayed out in front of me, my water bottle gone, and I’m looking around like I expect to discover I’ve fallen down the Rabbit Hole. There was no caterpillar and no grinning cat. Just the trees, the sky, and a lot of dirt.

Okay, no biggie. It’s over.

Am I hurt?

(pause) Nothing feels hurt.

I glance down the length of my body, somehow amused that my legs are splayed out straight in front of me since the last thing I remember is hoping I don’t jar my shoulder.

Everything seems okay.

My gaze falls on my Gamin. Time’s moving. Gonna mess up my timing.

I was on my feet, brushing dirt and pine needles off my arm as quick as I hit the ground. I paused to check my knee. Blood. Dirt. Lifted my foot. Everything still worked and time was ticking.

I’ve heard it from mountain bikers. Rub dirt in it and get your ass back on the bike. Okay. I look around for clean dirt. Yes, I did. Go ahead and laugh. There are a lot of geese on campus and I wasn’t going to rub goose crap in my wound. I scooped my fingers across the ground and then rubbed dirt over the blood on the side of my calf. I decided there was enough on my knee, and turned toward the trailhead. I was two hundred meters from the end, but I wasn’t letting that trail win. I stepped off the trail and then circled around to do that loop again.

I managed to keep my feet on the ground on the second loop. One foot in front of the other. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Easy…er.

New Release: My Ghost

It took four long months but I finally carved out the time to get My Ghost rereleased. I got my rights back on this short ghost story during the same week I finally got the promotion I’d been angling for at the day job. That day job had to come first, of course.

This kickin’ cover was created by the talented Syneca Featherstone!

My Ghost


My Ghost is now available on Smashwords by clicking HERE.

I’m working on converting files to upload at ARe and Amazon. Smashwords will filter down to B&N, Apple, and a few others. Hopefully soon. For those of you who have read the first edition, there are no major changes to the story in this new release.

Happy Sunday, dear Readers!
~Pia Veleno

Movie Review: Authors Anonymous

It took me a while of knowing I needed to before I actually did. I tend to work that way sometimes. I loved yoga. I knew it was good for me. Yet it took forever for me to make it a habit.

I’m not writing about yoga today. Instead I’m writing about a movie I picked off of Netflix to watch while I practiced yoga in my living room. Perhaps we can talk about the benefits of yoga another day. If you’re interested.

I guess you could call Authors Anonymous a mockumentary. IMDB calls it just a plain ole comedy. I don’t recall seeing any ads for this movie when it came out but with Kaley Cuoco starring and a theme that hits home, I couldn’t resist not only playing it during yoga, but watching the entire film even after my exercise was finished.

Authors Anonymous is a fictional documentary following the members of a writing group as they seek the ultimate reward – publication. When Hannah (Kaley) scores an agent, the group dynamics shift. I won’t share spoilers, just the tagline: Happy endings are hard to write.

I can see why this didn’t do well on the big screen. I imagine anyone not dreaming of, or already succeeding at, writing that Great American Novel isn’t going to appreciate the story. For example, how many non-writers know about those pay-to-publish places that tried to grab a potential author’s money before self-publishing ebooks became so easy. Yet I found that part of the movie amusing.

Authors Anonymous is not a five out of five but if you already have Netflix, it’s free. If you are an author, or hang out with authors, check it out.

Crank is Back

Need I say more?? New NSFW chapter is posted on that fun, sexy series. Very NSFW, dear Readers. Enjoy!


Jabberwocky: K-9 love, re-releases, running nowhere


* With fireworks and barbecues wrapping up, let us take a moment to remember all those who are or have dedicated their lives to our freedom. Read a beautiful tribute by a Massachusetts trooper for his K-9 partner here: “Good girl, Kallie. Free time.” 

* Former Silver Publishing novella, Fallen, has been offered a contract through Loose Id. Yay! I’ll miss that lickable Jimmy Thomas cover but I’m thrilled to get a chance to clean it up and get it back out there.

* Two other Silver returns, Bound By Love* and My Ghost, have some fabulous new covers on the way. I expect to have them released again in the next couple of weeks. Bound By Love is getting a new name but the story is the same for those of you who read the original.

* I’ve been a bit cranky about not running at all this lovely long weekend. A single, tiny muscle has been sharing some painful spasms on and off, mostly on, while walking. So running’s out. Fingers crossed that taking a few days off will see me running again very soon.

CRANK will return soon. Hopefully next weekend. My apologies for the delay.

The boy (cat) just threw him down on the laptop, so I’m done for the weekend. Happy July, dear Readers.

Show Review: Varakai (Cirque du Soleil)

Took some friends to see the Cirque du Soleil show, Varakai, last night. While the acrobatics were amazing, as should be expected from a Cirque show, the story wasn’t clear to any of us and the presentation was choppy. During intermission, we looked up the show on to learn that what I thought was a fallen angel was actually Icarus, falling into the mystical realm of Varakai after his wings melted. Hmm. I had my doubts. Especially since another character seemed to taunt Icarus with his wings throughout the rest of the show.

Icarus’s opening performance, an aerial swing in netting, was unusual and fascinating. Out of all the performances for the evening, I enjoyed his the best. Second best, the duel male aerial acrobats. The comedy skits were out of place in this fantasy realm of Varakai. Neither did they fit the fantastical world Icarus had fallen into, nor did they fit the Romany theme of the costumes, show, and music.

I can’t help but compare Varakai to Zumanity, the latter being sassy and sensual, funny and breath-taking, and yes, funny too, all on the same adults-only, dark and sexy theme. I’ve seen Zumanity twice, and I’d go again. I don’t regret going to Varakai, but I wouldn’t attend a second showing, let alone a third.

Should another Cirque show travel to our area, I’d go. Yes, I would, without a doubt. As for Varakai? I’d recommend it for a virgin Cirque audience, and perhaps more appropriate for those with children in tow, but for someone who’s seen more intense Cirque shows, I’d say pass on this one.


The former Silver Publishing books

Dear Readers,

Please do not buy any of the former Silver Publishing titles at this time. I’ve seen at least one for sale by pirates. It’s a sad thing when pirates offer your hard work for free, but there’s a deep circle of Hell for those that profit from it.

These stories are NOT for sale legally:

Bound By Love
My Ghost
Man Whore

If you see them for sale, please let me know. It’s not me. I don’t see a cent from the sale.

In better news, I’ve arranged for cover art for the first two, and hope to self-publish then within the next month. I’ll let you know when it’s official, and where, so you can download them legally. Fallen is with an editor for review, and Man Whore is on hold until I polish the synopsis for the entire series. Again, hopefully soon, so they’re not off the shelves too long. It’s been too long already!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Now I’m off to work on the next new story, a contemporary friends-to-lovers novel. The second character is hiding from me, so it’s time to put the two men in the Muse’s sandbox to write some scenes that will force them to show me their true colors. These typically don’t end up in the story, but they help immensely.

Wish me luck, dear Readers, and have a wonderful summer!



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