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Jabberwocky: Football, Ghosts, and an Angel

* It’s football season, and with it, we watched the movie Draft Day. I didn’t need any help getting in the mood for football but it sure didn’t hurt. Good movie. If you’re an NFL fan, check it out.

* I finished reading Diana Copeland’s A Reason to Believe. This was a great detective/ghost story. Diana expertly wove together a budding romance hindered by one detective’s refusal to let go a lover two years in the ground with a murder mystery that started with a child ghost leading the detective to her hidden body.

* The Day Job has been keeping me busy enough that most evenings I refuse to open the laptop at home. I’m fighting that denial, trying to work some time in to write. It’s been tough but I’m not giving up. Anyone want to loan me a couple of hours each day?

* The rerelease of Fallen is unofficially slated for some time in November. Very unofficial at this point. Fingers crossed that the Day Job doesn’t interfere too much.

* The weather has cooled and I’m hoping it says just like this — overcast and cool — for next weekend. It’ll be my first race of the Fall. In this weather, I run so much better. PR here I come!

Have a great weekend, dear Readers. Go Patriots!

Goodbye Silver


With little notice, Silver Publishing has gone through some changes that required them to revert all rights back to me. All Silver Publishing books should now be off any retail websites. Please be patient, as I hope to turn them around to other publishers as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I hope to give away a couple of paperbacks still kicking around the house somewhere. Possibly this week.

With this, I’m also asking for recommendations for cover artists. I hope to self-publish the short stories while I work through the submission process for the longer ones. Send me names and examples. If I score a good one, I could have a finder’s fee. Free ebooks anyone?


Quickies. AKA News.

     Fallen is now available in Audio format!

Download audio files from Silver Publishing with this nifty buy button:



Today is my day to Slash & Burn. Drop by and read about how I get around the tendency to fail at New Year’s resolutions, and share your promises to yourself for 2012.

Click here to Slash & Burn.


On the Works in Progress front, I’m nearly done with the still Untitled M/M punk rocker story. I’ve fallen into that pit of revision where I fiddle and fiddle, never deciding it’s “done” and ready to be submitted. It will go out within the next couple of weeks.  Keep an eye out on this blog for more information about Hecate’s Hounds.


Lastly, as we rang in the New Year with friends, the sand trucks rumbled by as the roads froze. It may be winter here, but you can still enjoy a sweet, sexy summer fling. Make You Sweat is now available at all of your favorite distributor sites:

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AllRomanceeBooks, Fictionwise, and Loose Id.

Probably others too, but those are my favorites. Plus, Amazon and B&N have it on sale. Save a buck!


Happy New Year, dear Readers!

Pia Veleno

New Audio Release: Fallen

Fallen available in audio format from Silver Publishing starting January 1st, 2012. Huzzah!

Pre-order HERE

Rainbow Awards 2011

Have you heard of the Rainbow Awards? I tend to assume post people have because Elisa puts in a ton of effort and news makes its rounds fairly quickly and frequently when the awards start their public voting round each year. For those that don’t know of the Rainbow Awards, it’s a huge public vote for the best GLBT cover art each year. Huge. I’ve found a number of interesting books browsing covers to vote.

Enough background, what I really want to say about the Rainbow Awards is Fallen is up this week, and blowing away the other covers in its group. I may not have created the cover, but I’ve watched the hubbub of this award for a couple of years now, so I know this will be great exposure for me, and the story. Last year, Silver’s cover artist (Reese Dante) had several covers in final rounds and (I think I remember correctly?) she took second place overall. I might be a tad bias, but I think Fallen has that potential too.

But only if people vote!

Please take a few moments to vote in each round. Award info, polls, and cover art can be found HERE.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

On a separate note, today is the last day to vote for Fallen in the Cover Cafe contest. It is listed in the Alternate Reality category, but Cover Cafe will only count your vote if you cast a vote in three different categories. Please take a moment to cast your three votes today HERE.

Review for Fallen

Fallen received four angels from Fallen Angel Reviews!

“It was beautiful to read how Mal grew from blind acceptance in the search for his own truth.” ~Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

Click the image to read the full review.

New Cover Art and a Print Release!

Wow! I am so excited to show off my new art for Man Whore, the first in the Personal Demons paranormal series. Reese Dante asked a bunch of questions and let me see the art through its stages to make sure everything came out just right. She is an amazing artist! Morgan is a, shall we say, unique person, and she hit every detail. Dare I say she enjoyed the challenge? Special thanks to Reese for this beautiful work! (A link from my Bookshelf and a blog announcement will let you know as soon as pre-orders are available.)

In other news, Fallen will be available in print starting next Saturday! (I’ll share a little secret. Reese is very excited to have her first angel in print, so drop on by Silver Publishing’s website and pick up your copy first!) I am thrilled with this announcement as I hadn’t expected it to go to print until I wrote Bran’s story, so they could release as one volume.

Pre-order Fallen in print



Fallen received 4 cups at Coffee Time Romance!

(Click the image to read the review and explore Coffee Time Romance’s full website.)

Two in Twenty Seconds

Guest blogging today! Victoria Blisse outs me on her blog. Drop by and read about how people have discovered my deep, dark secrets, and then leave a comment so I don’t spiral into depression over having less comments than blog stops on this little tour.

In other news, Man Whore has been assigned a release date of March 12th. Mark your calendar and save your pennies. This one will be a while ride. (Click the Creative Sidebar link at the top of this page if you haven’t seen the blurb yet.)


Three ‘Other World’ Updates

I typically like to post in my blog once a week on average. Some months, I have a lot to say, or maybe that should read, I don’t censor myself as well, and other months, I struggle for topics for the blog. In those prolific months, I type up drafts and save them on the blog dashboard for future use. Yet when I realized I haven’t posted a new entry to this blog since the 7th and opened up that list of drafts, I found nothing but fiction blurbs and partial flash fiction attempts. Uh, yeah, my head’s been in the creation process a little too deeply lately. Well, not “too” but I’ve been in that Other World often.


Crowded and Alone has slowed in the word count, but that’s a good thing. Something about the manuscript has been bugging me and letting my mind wander over how each scene contributes to the whole as I write it has helped narrow down the issues. I know now where I need to concentrate on the second pass to pull the story together with strong bindings.


On the publication front, Fallen received a great review on GoodReads and not only did I enjoy the review, but it inspired several other GoodReads users to add the book to their bookshelves. Fallen is on 30 shelves this morning and while I know some people use multiple shelves, I’m still happy with the number for now.


In other writing news, Summer Lust was officially rejected after a month outstanding. I’m not the least bit disappointed (okay, just a little) because I received an extensive letter outlining what worked and didn’t for that publishing house with an invitation to submit the manuscript again if I address their concerns in future edits. The best part was, I understood their points and came up with some fun adjustments to fix those sticky spots. The Bad Guy will have a bigger role, and so will one MC’s parent. I’m excited and looking forward to finding the time to work on these changes.


Last, but certainly not least, I love to challenge myself. I believe that every writer should step out of their comfort zone on a regular basis. Once, a friend dared me to write a Western. I did. It wasn’t easy, but I did, and I loved the experience. My newest challenge was on a random whim that I didn’t expect to follow through with just yet. Silver Publishing has a call out for Valentine’s Day short stories. I generally avoid holiday themes, so I figured what the heck, let’s do some kind of sappy story for the lovers’ holiday. What’s developing is not fully sappy, and within the first two thousand words shifted from a contemporary romance to a paranormal horror with a V-Day theme, but I’m loving the challenge and I hope Silver will too. It will be sent out to them once finished even if the sap starts flowing into a flood.


Hmm, not bad for having nothing to say. The lack of daylight – or rather, the lack of safe running time outdoors – has been dragging down my mood, but apparently not my productivity. Go me. Go you, dear Readers. Are you keeping busy?





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