Prima Rivelazione

The first entry is always the hardest. What do I say? Or rather, what do I reveal? I want to tell my prospective followers about myself, but I don’t want to come off ignorant or pretentious. You’ll learn about the latter soon enough and the former doesn’t apply. Often.

I’d rather not ramble on and on for my first entry, but there’s so much you should know. Short and sweet. Hook ‘em like the opening of a good novel. That’s the ticket.

Yes, a novel. That’s me. I write. The written word is an introvert’s best friend. The stories in my head make better companions than family and the world of my own creation fascinates me like a child with a new video game.

No, I’m not published. Soon. Very soon. I have a handful of short stories that are near completion and by ‘near completion’ I mean I need to give up the Muse long enough to write a few professional query letters and run to the post office for stamps. It’s that step that frightens me. These are my babies, my blood, my dark heart and soul. I’ll do it. Oh yes, I will. I’m meant to be a storyteller. Of that, I have no doubt.

See, there’s that pretentiousness. I warned you that it’d come out.

By the Blood,
Pia Veleno


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