Feeding Fate. Back It Up!

Always back up your writing. Always back up your research. Always back up your back ups. Always keep your back ups in a logical place. Always keep your back ups organized. Always keep your back ups dated. Wait, is that the same as organized?

My morning started off well… for about ten minutes. Ten minutes after getting out of bed, camped in front of my computer, intending to print out a couple of outlines to work on during the day, my day crapped out on me.

A couple of weeks ago, my flash drive – that invaluable little plastic stick that stores all my writing, research, outlines, pictures, and anything and everything related to writing started to get hinky. It claimed files were corrupt. It refused to open others.

That’s ok. Inconvenient, but ok. I back that baby up on my desktop hard drive. It might have been a week or two, but I had been unproductive as of late, so I figured not much was missing. Just to be sure, I dragged what I could off the drive and onto the desktop. I bought a new stick. I moved what I could find onto the new drive.

Today, looking for those two outlines, I realized an entire folder was missing. Then two. Then three. Damn it. I rolled my eyes at the clock. I was up early but the winter weather would make the commute slow. I didn’t have time to fiddle with my own lack of organization.

Lack is an understatement. For as well organized the drive was, the back up files were at the opposite end of the spectrum. I found the folders, each in a different place, each with a different back up date. Sometimes I wonder what I think. I never do get an answer though. Thinking is overrated. I’d rather hide in one of my stories and forget such mundane tasks as backing up files.

I suppose it’s time to do that right. Or… maybe tomorrow. Yes, I’ll back everything up properly tomorrow.


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