Sweet Dreams, Dear Muse

My bathroom is now empty. Completely empty. No tub. No sink. No toilet. We even stripped out several blocks of sheetrock.

Terms I learned today: greenboard, shim, flange, and the all popular ballcock. Ok, we didn’t need a ballcock, but after spending that much time in a hardware store, it was amusing enough to help us through picking out a new toilet when they all appeared exactly the same.

Yes, we’re renovating the bathroom. I’m weird, but I’m not psycho enough to gut the bathroom without a plan. I am, however, beyond exhausted. We started shortly after 9am and I didn’t drag my tired butt to the shower until 8pm.

It wasn’t until I was cursing the tiny stall of the basement bathroom that I realized I hadn’t thought about writing all day. Usually manual labor gives my mind the freedom to work out kinks in plot or provides a playground for characters to reveal themselves to me and to each other. Even now, clean and with my feet propped on the coffee table, my mind does not turn to my babies, but instead to the Tess Gerritsen book I’ve been reading and to the Superbowl and to the cat who hasn’t come home yet despite the frigid weather.

I feel empty without my characters chatting away in my mind. I feel lost without a story playing on the backdrop of my thoughts. I feel buried under a mile of dessert sand and yet, I’m okay with it. The Muse, quite clearly, needs a day off. I know she won’t be gone long. A day. Maybe two. She likes to pretend she’s independent, but she’s a clingy little wench that needs to make her voices heard. I’d say I enjoyed the day off, but I’m more exhausted today than I am after a weekend long LARP event.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally get some decent sleep tonight.


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