One of the reasons I make such a huge fuss about hating New Year’s resolutions is that I can’t go to the gym during the month of January. Noobs don’t know gym etiquette. Noobs don’t care that I’ve used that same cardio machine for the past six months. Noobs clog up machines and spaces between machines with idle chatter.

I promised myself not to get worked up about the Noobs this year. Instead I avoided the gym. Not the best choice for my back end, but the best choice for the heads I’d want to pop off the Noobs otherwise.

Now that February is here, it may be safe to venture to the gym again. Calmer about such thoughts, I wonder if I should address my hatred of the New Year’s resolution. First, I need to acknowledge that it’s not just the gym rats. A full year is a daunting task. After all, look at those gym Noobs. They can’t handle a month.

A month.

Eureka! That’s it!

I can make it a month. I think. Maybe. Hell, let’s give it a try.

February’s Resolutions:

1) Get fat ass to the gym. Even if it’s still plagued by Noobs.

2) Submit one story for consideration. Any where, any price, just fucking do it.

There. It’s out there. Watch me fail… err, I mean, do what I need to do. Yeah, that’s it. Either way, let’s hope it’s an E-ticket ride.


3 responses to “Resolutions

  • Jenn

    I learned a resolution technique at the Imbolc ritual tonight. Write down your resolutions on a piece of paper, tear the paper up, and then scatter it in soil with wildflower seeds. As you tend the flowers and watch them grow, you’ll be reminded of your goals and the work that you have to put into achieving them.

  • Shadows

    Or, you could just pin it to your refrigerator with a magnet. Teehee.

  • Wonderwood

    You still here? Get your fat ass to the gym 😉 Just kidding, doll. I hope you’re doing well.

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