Multi-Faceted Muse Mine

In the ensuing silence, I’m at a loss for words.

Life is a set of dice in a backgammon cup. I feel rattled around, my head banging against the walls of the cup, for a chance at doubles.

Ugh, that was pathetic. I’ll try again.

The bathroom project moves forward one weekend at a time. L’il Sis and I grouted the walls of the tub while the boys laid tile for the floor. It looks damn good. My fingers, on the other hand, are split and chapped, one to the point of bleeding. Hopefully, next weekend, we’ll install the sink, toilet, and shower fixtures. Then, just finish work, such as stain, paint, and towel racks. My house is coated in stone dust, but I’m getting used to that. It’s for a good cause.

All that manual labor gives the mind time to wander.

My creative world has shifted over the past couple of weeks. One Muse, who’s always insisted on keeping his role limited, is pulling away, while another is peeking out of the veil of darkness from which I draw my power. The world constantly changes, and I, in an effort not to fall off the hamster wheel, must change to keep up with it. I’ve been giving this new Muse a bit of time in connection with a game I play on I’ll be reposting the story here – over on No Girls Allowed – since there is minimal overlap between the two sites and I need something more than the sheltered world of for this cracked and bruised gem of a Muse.

On a similar note, I’ve removed Max’s posts on his blog. I wrote a vampire blog about three years ago. When I resurrected it with Max, I had hoped to recapture that audience. Then, I took a look around and saw several others, and decided not to invade that little niche. Maybe Max’s time will come again, when his face graces a published book, or when I next need a new fiction project to entertain a rogue Muse.

In the meantime, this bandage on my finger makes typing difficult, and I haven’t written much of anything lately. I’m hoping to add to the Glory Boys prequel story, or if I’m lucky, to Crandall’s Meds. If I’m even luckier, I’ll get pizza for dinner. After all, it’s tough to cook with one injured finger…



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