Five Years. One Month.

Tomorrow is April? Geez… Already?

I wrote a long-winded rant about my personal Five-Year Plan. Then I deleted the whole damnable thing. When I started working at this office four years ago, I had a plan in place to be published before I was vested. I’ll be fully vested in six months and I haven’t finished a novel I’d care to submit.

Short stories, sure, but I don’t intend to waste time doing the research for an appropriate venue for them. (Anyone want to buy a Red Riding Hood story written from the Wolf’s POV? No? Darn.)

No novels. The one I had in mind then, four years ago, is the same one that has come up here repeatedly. I haven’t worked on it in four years. I’ve had better ideas and a lot less focus. (Yes, I’ll post the first installment soon. I did promise. In the meantime, there’s a new installment of Nik and Leaf over on NGA.)

Now, you must know by now, that I’m not a long-term planner. The monthly resolutions are working better than anything longer. Five years? I must’ve been smoking something when I decided on that idea!

Onward. You live, you learn. I’m still working on the learning part.

April Resolution #1: 5k words a week towards Jordan’s story.

I hate measuring my success with word counts. I really do. I’d rather measure it by how many scenes I’m proud of, but that tends to leave me reading more than writing. It also tends to make me post stuff online so that I’m not the only one patting me on the back.

(Hey, writers are often full of self-doubt. Sometimes we need the outside comfort to continue our lonely work.)

I’m going to try the word count theory because I need something to measure a successful month. If the resolution was simply to focus more on Jordan’s story, how would I know I was successful? Word count, it is. For now. It’s worth a try.

April Resolution #2: Edit Kitty’s story and let Carrie read it

Yes, you darlin’. Carrie knows most of my babies and she’s responsible for taking my writing to the next level. She deserves a reward for that. She liked the first chapter, way back when I first wrote the damn story, and I promised her more once it was edited. Then, I didn’t edit it.

Yes, slacker. I know. I’ve been carrying the printouts around with me for months.

It’s a good story, if I do say so myself. I could tone it down and make it YA, which I’d rather not do, or I could do a thorough revision, dive deeper into the three character personalities, and make it (adult) novel length. I’m not deciding just yet. What is necessary will become clear as I work on it.

So there you go, Dear Readers. I put it in print once again. Call me out when I slack. Pat my back when I succeed. No, don’t pat that…



2 responses to “Five Years. One Month.

  • Shadows

    Writing is lonely work, but characters make great imaginary friends…even if they do keep you awake at night like bad neighbors. And I know about bad neighbors. Heh.

  • Vivy

    I could so relate. Teenage YA writer. Started writing last winter break but slacked off when school started again. A lot of people are expecting for the story to be posted online but i decided to revise it when i was already at chapter 7. now i’m just too lazy to do anything.
    But yes, my characters are fun to talk and argue with. And yes, I agree that that made me sound like a schizophrenic.

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