Dead and Rising

4024 words. I hate tracking word counts. During the first 2k, I spent more time hitting refresh on the counter than I did actually typing words. Next time it’ll be scenes. Next time I’ll resolve to complete the big fight scene, the descent into Hell, and the return to the vampire enemy with the not-so-secret crush. Yes, that’ll be easier on my messed-up little head and my stubborn wench of a Muse.

4024 words out of 5k. Not success, but I won’t count it as a failure either. After all, I didn’t plan on this case analysis class to require significantly more work each week. Compared to the skating by I did in the previous classes, this one requires actual study and not just flipping through the books when I’m bored and annoyed that I can’t get the Verizon website to email my phone the new Placebo promo pic.

As for the second resolution, I haven’t started yet. I’m not concerned. I have the full month to get that done and I work best under pressure. Besides, I’ve been fiddling with side scenes to Kitty’s story, which is something that, while not required, will help me get in the right mind frame for editing the story. To say Kitty’s story is different from those that I’ve been writing lately is to say that the sky is blue and snow is cold.

In other news, I finished DEAD UNTIL DARK. It was a cutsie vampire story. Sure there was violence and some scary parts, but overall, it gets a cutsie rating. I’ll probably pick up True Blood if I can get a deal on the DVDs and I might read another book with Sookie in it, but I’m not rushing out to by every one of Ms. Harris’s books.

Next on the list is THE RISING by Brian Keene. His novel, DARK HOLLOW was dark and raw and biting. I loved it. But I told you that already. THE RISING is a bit different. This will be my first zombie book in years, maybe my first ever, but I can’t claim to remember everything I devoured as a child. Either way, I know it won’t be cutsie and I know it’ll help The Muse focus on the demons I need her to create for that damn resolution. 5k words a week, wench. Get to it.



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