Geek Alert: LARP

I. Am. Sore.

My back, legs, and shoulders ache.

It feels damn good.

This weekend, I staffed a LARP. What’s a LARP? Be careful asking that question. You might geek out if you hear the answer. If you don’t, you just won’t get it. Trust me. I’ve tried many times to give non-gamers a proper explanation of it, and they just don’t get it.

Anyway, long story short – LARP is Live Action Role Play. There are as many genres in LARPs as there are in novels. This one was Pirate Island, complete with pirates, sea hags, sirens, cannibals, swag, grog, bad singing, cannons, and a Pirate King.

But it’s role-playing, Pia, why are you sore?

Here’s the part where I lose people. Live-Action. We dress like pirates. We act like pirates. We fight – yes, you’re getting it – like pirates.

Well, not exactly like pirates. There may have been some heat exhaustion, but there was no scurvy. There was sword-play, but the weapons were padded so there was no disembowelment. There was a huge cauldron for the cannibals to cook the captured pirates in their annual spring ritual, but the captives had worked with a witch doctor that was pirate-friendly to protect their souls and return to their ships during the ritual… that is, after we lowered them into the cauldron.

It was the sword play that did me in. Fighting with sword and shield is tough on the arms and back. Dragging the players through cannibal-infested woods was rough on the legs. Doing it all in 90 degree weather… ok, that might be where I could see drawing the line of insanity…

So Pia, you played dress-up and hit your friends with padded weapons? When are they coming for you with the nice white coat?

LARPing is a great creative outlet. I didn’t run any storylines myself this weekend, but it’s something I’ve done in the past. I love to create a story and then bring it out to the paying (playing) characters, aka PCs. They don’t always react the way you plan, which often means changing the resolution on the fly to take into account their actions. I also enjoy pulling characters from my fiction, to test them in new situations. Friday night, I made vampire Nica into pirate Nica The Red. Thanks to heat exhaustion, she didn’t get as much play-time as I wanted, but she did role-play right up until the point that the Pirate King was poisoned. Then, I had another role to perform and Nica was tucked away for another night.

No, there were no vampires on Pirate Island, but I tested her personality with new characters, and that, Dear Readers, is invaluable.

So, let’s see. I’m aching, but energetic. I owe you a review of WICKED GAME and I’m half way through PRIME. Those two are next on my blog list, I swear. I also need to add to No Girls Allowed (the idea is there, the time to type it is endangered).

As for Resolutions, I’ve thrown in the towel on Jordan – I’m just too busy this month and I should’ve known this would happen. For Kitty though, the edits are on paper, and I’m still confident I can get them typed up by the end of the month.

I have a new laptop coming this week which will eat up a bunch of time as I play around with configurations and download all my favorite gadgets and toys – Twirl, for example. Yahoo Messenger, for another. No WoW. No Poker-whatever that The Hubby has on my old one. This will be a working system – a writing and research system. Focus is something that should be a future resolution, but I’m not holding my breath. I will however, get this done by Thursday night and, if not, I’ll have some fantastic (excuse) explanation.



One response to “Geek Alert: LARP

  • Shadows

    Can’t wait for you to get the new gadget! Fine writers deserve fine tools. No wonder you didn’t tell me where you were going. [smirk]

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