May? I disbelieve.

What? It’s May first already? Well, damn, I think I lost half of April.

Resolutions blew up in my face. I think I first realized this impending mess during the first week of April. Acknowledgment of it took a bit longer. I think my next Resolution should be to not over schedule myself and to not delude myself into thinking I can organize my time and fit it all in. Yes, that sounds like a great idea.

Oh, wait. I don’t really have a way to track and measure success on that resolution. Too bad. Guess I’ll have to do something else.

April resolution #1 – to write 5k words each week towards Jordan’s story – fail, fail, fail. I haven’t written anything, not a single word, towards Jordan in two weeks. It isn’t for lack of interest, or the usual stubbornness from The Muse, but instead, the Paying Job has finally picked up enough that I can’t study for my certification exam during office hours. I’ve been relying on that since last year some time, so now my personal time is disappearing to this studying crap.

When I do have time to write, I want to write for fun, to relax. Jordan is fun, but only when I can skip around and write the scenes I want to write – for example letting the vampire know that the demon-hunter would never stoop to dating such a beast as he. Instead of skipping around and making that story a mess, I’ve been writing for Blood Eternal and No Girls Allowed. I’ve also been writing with Carrie because her boys are so damn hawt. It makes Max happy to write with her, and when Max is happy, I’m not tearing my hair out, staring at a blank Word doc. Oh, look – I can blame Fail on Max.

April Resolution #2 – Kitty’s story – Edits are all on paper but I’m only about a third of the way through transcribing them. I had intended to finish that this evening, but my brother-in-law and his family are dropping in this weekend, so now tonight has to be dedicated to cleaning. Can I just say that being social is highly inconvenient at times?

I’m not counting this one as a fail. I hadn’t looked at Kitty’s story for over a year when I made that resolution. Unlike my first novel, when I broke out Kitty and read through her novella, I was happy with what I had to work with. Sure, it needs some work still, but the base story stood on its own and the writing didn’t make me cringe and stab myself in the eyes. I’ll work on it when I can sneak some time this weekend and, hopefully, I’ll get up the nerve to seek out beta readers. I like this one. It should be shared.

Hmm… I really meant to blog about my new gadgets, and the last couple of books I’ve read, but once again I’ve babbled on a bit too much. I’ll torment you later with the other details, such as those mentioned above, plus new resolutions for the month of May.

Happy rainy, May Day Friday, Dear Readers!

Carry on.



One response to “May? I disbelieve.

  • Shadows

    “May” I recommend you post some excerpts from your WIPS? it’ll make you feel a bit more exposed and having taken that first step perhaps the resulting feedback will encourage you enough to write that fucking bestseller I know is inside you.

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