I Read When I Travel

So, Vegas.

They call Manchester: Manch-Vegas. Don’t ask. I have no idea why. Nor do I use the term frequently because I think it sounds foolish.

Anyway, this weeked I travelled from Manch-Vegas to Las Vegas and back again. It was a good trip, and perhaps I’ll expand on it in my next post, but it was better to come home. I don’t travel well and I only sleep in my own bed. Even then, I don’t sleep well, but I managed to keep insomnia at bay the best from my own over-priced Select Number matress.

After three nights on a hotel matress, and three days of hot, dry heat, I was thrilled to peek out the airplane window and see green. Lots and lots of green. The desert is beautiful from several thousand feet up, but even with its alien landscaping, it cannot compare to the thick green trees, finally blooming after a cold, icy winter.

I’m not a huge fan of Manch-Vegas. I had a blast in Las Vegas. Still, it’s nice to be home.

Separately, I’m doing fine on my “not writing” resolution. I have been writing, and I have a new post for both Blood Eternal and No Girls Allowed (tonight or, at the latest, this time tomorrow evening). Both came naturally from The Muse’s over-stimulated response to exploring a new city.

I also finished reading Poppy Z. Brite’s LIQUOR and Jeri Smith-Ready’s BAD TO THE BONE.

LIQUOR had good characters but nothing – and I mean NOTHING – happened for 90% of the story. There was little tension and the main characters were happy and successful. The ending was good, but it wasn’t worth all the happy-for-now character development that led up to it. It was good character development, and I liked Rickey and G-Man, but again: No tension equals one bored reader. As a side note, if you’re looking for Poppy’s usual androgynous pretty boys, you won’t find that in Rickey and G-Man. It wasn’t a bad change here, but if I had the chance, I’d beg Poppy to return to horror.

BAD TO THE BONE is the second story containing vampire DJs of WVMP, the Lifeblood of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Vampires, pretending to be human, pretending to be vampires, use music to survive just as sure as they do blood. In this sequel to WICKED GAME, the vampires, and the humans they trust with their secret face religious fanatics who believe in vampires, and are dangerous in those beliefs. BAD TO THE BONE is readable on its own, but I strongly recommend reading WICKED GAME first, because you’ll want to either way, and BttB will spoil a couple of twists in WICKED GAME if you read it first.

Next on my list, a randomly purchased book, bought purely for the vampire. I know nothing about Patricia Rosemoor and Marc Paoletti. I have my doubts about THE LAST VAMPIRE. But, I firmly believe that I must read many different authors, good and bad, to improve my own storytelling. As usual, I will (most likely) let you know how it goes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I adore Nathan Fillion, so I’m going to watch CASTLE.




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