Shake those Hips!

I followed two people into the office from the parking lot this morning. One male, one female. It got me wondering – is there a scientific reason behind females shaking their hips when they walk and men not? Is it akin to the male birds of each species having colorful feathers while the females are dull and drab?

Have you ever tried to walk while thinking about the mechanics of walking? It’s not as easy as you would think. Most other tasks become easier when we think about them. I wish more people would think about driving while in the car, instead of thinking about their cell phone, make-up, radio, etc.

With walking on my mind, I took a walk around the building on my break. That’s something I used to do before the New England winter settled upon us with ice and snow and frigid temperatures. It’s early still, but my June Resolution will be to walk for each morning break and each afternoon break. Now some days I don’t get those breaks and, when we get busy I’ll need to eat during at least one of them, but for now, while I have the time, I should take it and put it to good use. Twenty minutes of walking at a steady pace isn’t as good as cardio, but my gym membership expired and I can’t rationalize paying for it when I’m not willing to go at least a couple of times a week.

As for this month’s resolution, it’s working well enough. Once I agreed with myself not to work on anything, The Muse became less cranky and I was able to better focus on my studies. I still write on occasion, but I don’t feel obligated to do so. Sure, if I completely stop, my last remnants of sanity will soon dissipate, but as I said, I haven’t given up completely.

I did close No Girls Allowed and Blood Eternal. It was painful to do, but I was feeling obligated to post to them. As I should. It drives me nuts when I find a good blog and then the writer isn’t consistent with posting. So, I closed them, but I will reopen them when I’m ready (and able) to post consistently again. Trust me, the will is there – I have so many ideas for Nik, and the Glory Boys have their own stories once their current thread is done – but the time is not there. Nag me in August if I haven’t already satisfied your need for mansmut. Gregoire, I know you’ll happily do so. Your exuberance makes me smile.

I’ll need another resolution for June. I haven’t decided what yet. I’ve had a couple of ideas, but when I put them on paper they sound catty. Yes, I’m a bitch, but I’ll only go so far. We all need limits or else our heads would get too big for our necks.

Back to the Monday grind. Thanks for tuning in, Dear Readers.



3 responses to “Shake those Hips!

  • Shadows

    Women sway their hips due to the distance between the ball-joints. Men have less distance, so their fibula (don’t quote me on this one) is more of a straight-down angle.

    Hence the natural sway. Keep in mind this really only applies to the non-fattening variety of female.

    This concludes your useless fact for the day. Best of luck with…whatever, lol.

  • H.C. Zuerner

    From what I understand, which is basically from having female hips, they sway naturally. The larger the hip bone, the farther they swing from side to side. Of course, I should have been in bed hours ago, so grain of salt on this one.

  • Pia Veleno

    Thanks! Girls rock! I thought it was something like that. 🙂

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