Placebo Update

After I wrote my review of the new Placebo album, my pre-order arrived in the mail. Psyched to check it out, I ended up late for work on Friday just to tear open the heavy cardboard packaging and flip through the book that came with the discs.

The entire box set was beautiful by the way – heavy duty pages, glossy photos, and the lyrics to each song. The big beautiful darkened sun logo, big enough for vinyl, was surrounded by the signatures of the band. Along with the music, a DVD of one of the concerts and a making of DVD were also included. A fourth disc makes extra downloads available from the band’s website

The music disc included two songs that were not a part of the MP3 download I received on Monday, and also not available from the iTunes album. Yes, I checked. In checking, I did notice that iTunes had a bonus track as well. So that’s three new songs this weekend. I may or may not add a review of these songs. I’m listening now, but with earbuds to drown out the basketball game. The game is loud enough to make it difficult to hear the music, but since I put up with it while studying all afternoon, it seems a pointless battle now.

I kow have a full work day’s worth of Placebo on my iPod. If I added in video hours, I could avoid life for much longer. Sadly, earbuds at the office are not always an option, but it’s nice to dream, isn’t it.

“If you deny this, then it’s your fault.” (Passive Aggressive)



One response to “Placebo Update

  • Shadows

    You became a much bigger fan than I for sure. I had to slap myself to stop from buying Depeche Mode's Sounds of the Universe boxed set. But yours came with autographs. Sweet. Lately, I got into Dead Can Dance. Yeah, I think I'm going backwards! lol.

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