Bribing the Voices in my Head

Type, type, type. Ctrl-A, delete. Type, type, type. Ctrl-A, delete.

While I was talking to my voices in my head this morning, I had several ideas for my blog. Now that I have time to sit and write, I’m letting outside voices guide my hand. That, Dear Readers, is unacceptable. Before I’m read the wrong way, let me clarify. I like most outside voices. I will be seeking beta readers soon, and I will cherish each and every volunteer I get regardless of writing or reading experience. It’s the reader I want and the voice that accompanies it. What I need to ignore is the outside voices that are snarky. It’s those outside voices that make me censor my own work. I need to learn to stake them at dawn.

Despite the cacophony of voices, I managed to take an entire day off from studying yesterday. I spent the first half of the day laughing on Twitter. Then, in the afternoon, I wrote in my cheap spiral-bound notebook. Finally, the evening was spent killing a demon who, in his death throes, smothered me with his smoking body when he dive-bombed me from a hundred feet in the air. It was kinda cool really. That is, once I regained consciousness.

While the demon was the highlight of the day, it is in the writing that I must take some pride. I’ve been stuck with my story of Nik and Leaf. (Some of you might have read it over on “No Girls Allowed”. I wouldn’t know.) I was at a scene that I just couldn’t seem to write. I thought about making it a transitional scene and tack it on to the next part, but this scene had some important character reveals and couldn’t be faked. It’s action, and action scenes are, by far, my worst skill. Anyway, long story short, I wrote it out yesterday. It was choppy and amateurish, but it’s on paper. It’s out. Now that it is out, I can fiddle with it until I’m satisfied. One block, successfully chopped into several small pieces. Go me.

Today will find me back at the books. I need to get a case study done this weekend and should probably do three of them. Next weekend is the four day review course that I still need to find a way to pay for, because I just can’t risk skipping it. There will be writing time in there somewhere, but as I’ve been promising The Muse, I promise my Readers as well, once this exam is behind me, the floodgates will be released and stories will flow forth. I doubt any of it will be posted on Blogger but those of you that wish to read are welcome as beta readers. Drop me a note and we’ll chat it up. Maybe I’ll even share a teaser with you. Yes, that was a bribe. Would you expect any less of me?



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