Throwing Sand

I’m getting excited. Some of it is knowing that this big exam is right around the corner. With the exam comes six weeks of waiting for the results, but I had to do that with the CEP exam too, and I’ll do it again to get the next level of that murderous certification. It’s not the exam that’s getting me excited however, it’s my Muses chattering away in the background. They’re counting down the days until they get all of me back.

I told them to stop counting. After all, I’ve been writing like crazy despite my objections. Once I told myself I wouldn’t write anymore and I wouldn’t feel obligated to keep up with my fic-blogs, I suddenly wrote a lot more. I enjoyed the collaborative efforts with a certain real-life Muse and I enjoyed the cheap spiral bound notebook I keep with me to write when I can’t type it directly into a computer document.

In three weeks, when the exam is behind us, I’ll likely throw my creativity into overdrive. The Muses will enjoy it at first, then they’ll start making deals with each other to get breaks from me. Little do they know I have a plan to keep them hooked.

What I hope to do is to pull one or two new writers into my collaborative sandbox. I like to throw my story characters in with others. Sometimes they play nice and sometimes they don’t. Regardless of if they do or not, they always grow, and as a result, so do I.

No amount of writing, no amount of reading how-to books, not even posting your work online for comments of mystery readers, will benefit a writer as much as writing with someone else. That second mind, and that character that you don’t know as well as your own, will put you and your darlings into situations that you did not anticipate and that, in turn, forces your character to react and reveal him or herself to you. It is a beautiful evolution to watch a character interact with someone you did not plan for her to meet. They will surprise you. It’s not always pleasant, but it’s often revealing, and it always helps solidify a character and his reactions to the world. I wouldn’t trade my collaborative writing experience for a mentorship with Dean Koontz, the Dean of Suspense himself.

Try it, Dear Writers. Your Muses will thank you.

If you’re interested in vampires, horror, or M/M and want to try it, I’ll be free in Seventeen Days. Let me know and we’ll talk more about the details of how it works.



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