Updates in the Rain

Seventeen days. Not that I’m counting.

Thursday through Sunday were spent in a classroom for eight hours each day. It was an intense review of over a year’s worth of classes in preparation for the exam I’ll be taking in seventeen days. After that, I’ll be able to get back to my life. I’m looking forward to the writing time more than anything. The odd part of that statement is that I never stopped writing. I was flipping through my notebook yesterday and I noticed that it was nearly full again. I have a lot of typing to do, but I’ve been far from neglectful to my darling Muses. Lucky them. I don’t know where I found the time, but they are definitely loved.

The prep class helped out a ton. It wasn’t the class so much as the realization that each topic he covered, I understood. It was finally breathing again knowing I have a good chance of fairing well on this exam. It was seeing the things that I need to focus on over the next seventeen days and believing they were very much doable.

Seventeen days. Stay tuned.

I said “updates”, with an “s”. The second update is the Resolution battle. Yes, my resolutions post was a bit of foolishness, though you all seemed to enjoy the more smutty side of my suggestion, and that inspires me to continue. I did not go to work without underwear, but I did work on the one I mentioned previous to that post – getting my squishy ass moving once in a while. I didn’t phrase it quite like that, but instead mentioned that I’d try to walk more often. I have, as weather permits. With all the rain we’ve been having, I’m sure I’m growing gills. That being said, I’ve been walking on lunch breaks when I can and, for every day of the prep course, I got outside for not only lunch but also breaks. It helped a ton – get the blood flowing and clear the mind.

Next month I’ll make that a more definite resolution. Walking, yoga, or belly dancing every day. Daily sounds harsh, but when I can walk at lunch, that’s almost like a free day. That’ the plan anyway. As we’ve seen with past months, I don’t always succeed, but I still try.

We cannot change if we do not try.




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