Follow Me, Scare Me

As I skimmed through my TweetStream trying to decide on who to blog about on my Follow Friday post, I nearly gave up. See, since the last one was authors I’ve read, I wanted to make this week about authors I want to read once I get my life back (one more week, by the way). Birds of a feather, as they say, so most of those I follow are either writers or aspiring to be writers. As you may have guessed by now, I couldn’t do just one blog post about writers I intend to read in the coming months. I probably couldn’t do it in three posts either. That means that I have plenty of blog ideas lined up for #followfriday, doesn’t it? Maybe the variety will be iffy, but no, I doubt it. I have horror writers, M/M romance writers, erotica writers, YA writers… plus the editors, agents, and readers will get their time eventually too.

Ok, so, in no particular order here it goes!

While I haven’t read books by either of today’s men, I do chat with them, which is the point of #followfriday anyway. Just like last week, this week’s victims have not only kept their tweeting interesting, but they’re also willing to tweet back when I talk to them.

@KeithMelton99 “I ate all the chex mix, and when the kids asked why none was left I blamed hungry dragons. They believed & thus my crimes continue.”

Keith’s website is dark and inviting. He’s book, proudly displayed, is about vampires. Oh, you know me and vampires, but I plan to try this one soon. I need to wash the bad taste of that other one out of my mouth (good thing those writers aren’t on Twitter).

That’s the website, but on Twitter, Keith chats back and, is happy to get silly as the situation may require. That is, if you’re like me, and you think flaming clown cars are silly. Don’t ask, just follow.

@Andrew_Wolter I chose Andrew for today because of his Urban Phantoms online series. It will begin in August, but today you can see a sneak peak HERE (click the Campfires link). If you like horror or suspense at all, I recommend it. I was glued to the story and the real world melted away as I read.

Not only was I floored this morning by the intro of Urban Phantoms, but I’ve recently stumbled into Andrew’s blog. He updates it regularly and he draws you into his world, and his life, with the way he writes. Through tweets and his website, Andrew runs contests to promote his books and he has some very reasonably prices short stories available on his website.

Follow away, #followfriday.



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