Resolutions for July were, at best, mindlessly simple and mostly done. Had I named the same things a couple of months ago, I would’ve been required to exert much more effort. With the CFP exam this month, that was truly intentional. I didn’t want to sign up to do too much. I often do, and then wonder why I’m so busy or so stressed or so not getting anything accomplished. I’m working on that too, but it’ll take more than a month to resolve that character flaw. Regardless of the babble, consider July resolved. Moving on.

After the exam, I’ll use the last two months of July to ease into August’s resolutions. Nothing fancy and no obligations, but my plans for next month are resolutions I’ve been aching to achieve for months now, only to be stymied by the amount of time spent studying for the CFP exam. If I accomplish little in those last two weeks, it’ll be okay since they will be officially August’s resolutions. If I accomplish more, it’ll be even better.

What? You want to know what the resolutions are? Of course you do. I’ll tell you. Later. If I haven’t written a resolution blog post during this coming week, I’ll write one after the exam because you, Dear Readers, need to hold me accountable. Or, at the very least, cheer me on and stroke my ego when I have small successes. You know I won’t bite (unless you ask) and I like to know I’ m not just rambling on to myself (I do that enough offline). Stay tuned for the details and keep your fingers crossed Friday and Saturday. It’s a bugger of an exam.




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