The Goddess’s Big Hips

He's not at my gym.I went to the gym last night. I brought a postcard that offered three free months. I was planning on signing back up anyway, so for once a coupon didn’t make me buy something I didn’t really need. This I need. Desperately.

I won’t go into details with what the scale said when I weighed-in. I won’t reveal what the tape read when I measured my waist and hips. I will briefly bemoan the fact that my butt needs to grow long before my breasts do. How unfair is that? Can we petition Mother Nature to add excess weight a little higher in the future?

Anyway, I belonged to Gold’s Gym last year and I slowly fell away from the healthy habit as I dedicated more and more time to preparing for that evil CFP exam. Now that it’s behind me (for at least six weeks anyway) I’m going to refocus on one of those simple joys. I love to sweat at the gym. I love the feel of tired muscles after a good session with the weights. I love to kick off my sneakers and wiggle my toes after a good cardio workout.

Weird? I know. So do you if you’ve ever read my blog before, so get over it.

This will be my resolution for August. Yes, I know it’s July, but July is nearly over, so I’m getting a head start on August. I’ve never been good with measures of time anyway, so bear with me here.

Resolution #1: Exercise – Gym (or other choice such as bellydancing or kickboxing) Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Ideally, both cardio (love the treadmill and want to get up to speed for running outside eventually) and strength training (I hate not having my sexy summer/tank top arms any more). If I’m worn out from work, I’ll do at least one – cardio or weights. No excuses.

Resolution #2: Eating – Cutting back on junky stuff, especially afternoon snacking that makes me want to skip dinner in favor of extra buttery popcorn or dark chocolate Raisinets. Also, I will increase my veggies and fruits intake, and replace my one soda a day with water or juice.

Writing it out, my plan seems drastic compared to my usual monthly, little-by-little plans, but if I step back to see the big picture, I know it’s not as difficult as it looks. I’ve cut back most of my soda intake already. I love the taste of salads, summer fruits, and other healthy foods. I get a charge out of exercising at the gym (not to mention the chance for The Muse to wander about while I’m a captive audience). It’s doable and I’ll feel better when I get there. Why hold back?

Now just ignore that after the gym last night, we ordered a pizza. And ignore the 100 Grand bar sitting on my desk singing songs of chocolate-caramel goodness. I can do this.

It’s an August Resolution after all. Right?



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