Serpentine Shimmies

Rachel BriceThursday evening I ran a quickie Twitter contest. I changed my avatar and offered up my #followfriday blog post to the Twitterers who could guess who I was. It wasn’t easy and I offered a few hints. Perhaps next time, I’ll give more hints, but I’m too eclectic for it to be easy. Besides, using Michael Jackson’s photo would’ve been boring!

The winners:

@TheOtherJeff – I won’t tell you how he knew the lovely woman pictured above. It wasn’t nearly as fascinating as I had hoped, but life often turns out that way. Doesn’t it? Insert your own sordid details. In fact, share them. I love when the mind runs amok.

I’ve been following @TheOtherJeff for a while and he’ll stay on my list indefinitely. Sometimes I follow people because they’re writers, or dancers, and other times I follow them because I’ve randomly surfed through a friend’s follow list for fresh meat.

Oh yes, boys and girls, @TheOtherJeff is the fresh meat you need. Go ahead, click the link. You know you want to. You need to. If I told you why, I’d have to kill you. If you don’t, I’d have to send demons after your soul, or maybe I’ll just send @TheOtherJeff.

@sacredsilence7 – I’ve been following @sacredsilence7 for about the same amount of time. This is where I surprise a few readers and reveal my sometimes hidden spiritual side. I started following @sacredsilence7 because she is a bellydancer.

Then I found out she was also a pagan. Double score! I enjoy her blog posts when she writes about dancing or meditation or anything else that is often positive in a world that feels so negative and bitchy some days. For example, her last blog entry couldn’t have been more well timed if it was written just for me. Shortly before my big exam, @sacredsilence7 wrote A Moment of Blissful Stillness. She reminded me to stop and be still, to breath, to find focus within myself. I found, and kept, a center of calmness during that entire weekend and left that exam feeling good about what I’d accomplished.

Both @sacredsilence7 and @TheOtherJeff meet my number one rule about making #followfriday recommendations. They do chat. They will @reply and they can both hold up their end of a conversation. You won’t be disappointed in these too, and I’m not just saying that because they won. Trust me, I had my reservations about how I would do this post if some certain others participated, but then, those are the people who don’t talk anyway. So I had nothing to worry about.

Now, who am I?

I am Rachel Brice, bellydancer extraordinaire. What first attracted me to Rachel’s form of dance is the costuming. Also, I loved this Tribal Fusion style of movement more than traditional bellydancing. The more I watched Rachel dance, the more she enthralled me. She has an amazing sense of control over her body, shimmying and twitching muscles in the minutest detail. To watch her undulations, one must wonder if she has a spine at all.

One of my favorite exercise videos is hers: Tribal Fusion – Yoga Isolations & Drills for Bellydance. It’s not a cardio workout. Just as the title says, it’s three workouts designed to isolate certain muscles and help you fine tune your bellydancing moves. Crisp hip drops, sharp chest pops, and undulations of a lazy ocean tide.

Wanna see? Enjoy the video links below.


Her performance at the end of the workout DVD:

Another performance (separate from the DVD). Paris:


2 responses to “Serpentine Shimmies

  • Dina

    thanks for the kind words! and yes between rachel and sharon i could about wet my pants seeing their costumes and watching them dance. now i need to go check out the other jeff.

  • Jeff

    I can’t object to being called “fresh meat,” can I? But I don’t know about the demon leg-breaker part.

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