Vampire, Dear Muse

Death of the VampireThe Hubby came home the other day to tell me about an article he saw (or maybe it was a report on the radio) about the popularity of vampires today. “Hurry up and finish that book,” he said.

Eh. The book is mostly done. It needs editing, of course, because I hate editing, but that’s not why I haven’t been working on it. I loved writing vampires before they became popular. Now that they are everywhere, I’m bored of them. I’m not bored of MY vampires, mind you, the insouciance is more general in nature.

I tried to read TWILIGHT and found the writing ‘style’ atrocious. I watched the first season of TRUE BLOOD when I found the DVDs on sale, but I don’t care that I can’t see the new episodes without HBO. Cruise ruined Lestat, but Townsend made up for him later. I’ve read vampire romance and vampire horror and vampire suspense. I haven’t found any that I’d proclaim “Must Reads”.

So if nothing is A-list why not finish my book? I can’t answer that. It’s not what The Muse wants. Not really. I’d like to see more vampire horror – more of the monster, and less of the gothic prince – but I’m just not into it. I’ve always been the Underdog and, I suppose, with the vampire genre going crazy, I’m less interested in throwing more fuel on the fire. Maybe once the fire dies down to the softly glowing embers they once were, I’ll try again. Maybe. The Muse may have other plans in mind. I’ll defer to her magic.



4 responses to “Vampire, Dear Muse

  • A.M. Hartnett

    While I like a gothic prince every once in a while, I’m constantly foaming at the mouth for a new interpretation of the vampire or any stock monster.

    I’d like to get your opinion on Mira Kiraly’s “Mina,” which I recently read. I had a rather strong reaction to her interpretation of Dracula (while overall I really enjoyed her book.)

  • piaveleno

    Agreed. I’ll read Kenyon on occassion, and the Sookie books aren’t awful, but I’d rather a vampire/zombie/werewolf/etc story try to scare my pants off.

    I’ll add MINA to my reading list. It’s a bit long (that list) but I’ll let you know what I think. (I can’t help myself there.)


  • Lexi Ryan

    Okay, my first thought is “fear of success”? But when I force myself to stop psychoanalyzing, I do know what you mean. There’s something off-putting about the trendy. That said, I know yours would defy trends and stand on its own. And, I think there’s something to be said for what we learn by finishing a book–even if we’ve decided we’re not submitting it anywhere.

    So, finish the book, and if you want someone with editing experience to look at the first couple chapters, let me know. :0)

  • piaveleno

    Thanks for the encouragement! I will eventually return to that story. It’s my baby and from that one came innocent but not Nica and stoic but charming Max.

    Yes, there is some fear there, but most have it has been beaten back by a big stick. Hmm… another blog post perhaps? “The Big Stick” coming soon!

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