Phone Call

Me: Pia Veleno

Caller: Can I talk to Pia?

Me: …

Me: This is… Pia.

Caller: This is Karen from the Doctor’s office.

Me: Hi Karen.

Karen: The tests came back you have a UTI

Me (silently): Did the blood give you away?

Me (out loud): Ok.

Karen: Which pharmacy would you like me to call in the (some unpronounceable name that I assume means antibiotics)?

Me: Walgreen’s on Route 3

Karen: Hold on, I have to type it all into the system.

Me (types two text messages and still waiting)

Karen: Ok, I’ll fax that in … right … away.

Me (silently): Are you sure? Because you don’t sound sure and if I don’t get drugs tonight I’m going to send demons after your organs.

Me(out loud): Um, ok. Thanks.

Karen (click)

Me: Have a great day and stop skimming off the top.


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