To Know Me

Is it weird of me to blog about Twitter so much? Most, if not all of my current readers also follow me on Twitter, so I’m thinking not, but it does feel weird. Then again, I AM weird, so whatever, let’s move on.

My latest #followfriday game is this:

Tweet me with what you think my age is. A random number of people either correct, or close, or just plain amusing, will get a #followfriday blog post.

Where did this come from? Multiple reasons. The main reason, the instigation if you will, came from @jeff_baker_ when he asked me how old I was. He also asked me where I lived, and some other stuff throughout the day before age came up. So at the point that he asked my age I was torn between mocking him for being a stalker and giving my stock vampire answer of 316. (Oh wait, it’s more than 316 now but I’m not willing to do the math. My vampire death is not something I care to revisit.)

The second reason is this: How much do we really know about the people we socialize with on such sites like Twitter and MyWaste? Even Facebook can be a mystery. They require your real name, but really, no one actually validates the information.

On Twitter, I find myself making assumptions about people based on their tweets and avatars. Imagine my surprise when I found out a writer I’d been tweeting with was not a female. His avatar had long hair, but that wouldn’t normally distract me. I crush on men with long hair. It was that damn small avatar. I just couldn’t tell. Later, I blew up the picture and realized my error, quickly running through some recent conversations to see if I might have accidentally referred to him as her. I don’t think so and if I did, he didn’t mention it.

This got me wondering about who else I may have wrong. It’s human nature to assign a gender to people, even online. I follow several writers of M/M and it is not uncommon for women in this genre to use a gender-vague name. Top this with avatars that are book covers (sexy, bare-chested men book covers) and it’s easy to default to thinking of those Twitters as male. Mostly, I bet that would be wrong. I don’t recall the numbers, but I read it somewhere (yes, I’m being lazy) that the bulk of M/M erotic romance writers are actually female. A good chunk of the readership is too, by the way, but who’s counting (obviously not me).

So much for shorter blog posts, eh? Fuck word counts, this is something I’ve wanted to discuss for some time now.

The contest results will be, without a doubt, interesting. I’ve skimmed through a couple of guesses and I won’t hint as to the answers, or how close (or not) they may be, but I do see a quality blog post coming of it.

Speaking of blogging, I just realized it’s the 30th and I’m due a Resolutions update. Where did the month go? Oh well, you’re getting a lot of me this week. Savor it so I don’t feel guilty next time The Muse insists on gay erotica over blogging.



3 responses to “To Know Me

  • W. D. Prescott

    It’s funny you bring this up. The last two days, a bunch of people I follow on Twitter and I started talking about how so many of us don’t even use pictures as avatars and we started to question if we even existed. So we started a photo swapping party. But two people didn’t provide any, and only one, after lots of prodding, provided one the next day. Now, the reason most did was that they just don’t like photos of them and are somewhat introverted and don’t want the whole world to know who they are. But I asked myself, “Well, then why have a public account on something like twitter where anyone, including bots and spammers, and follow you. I came to twitter as a tool and resource as a writer, so I tied it in to everything that is about me, I don’t want to be ambiguous. But I wonder if there is still a bit of introversion in everyone these days with problems of hacking and identity theft or just being Google by employers? I think it becomes a moment of who you can trust and how far and if there is less of that when you only know them through a computer screen.

  • Rob Charron

    Hi 🙂
    I’ve been mistaken for a female many times because my Tweets “sound” like one. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love and best wishes

  • piaveleno

    WD, I had a “real” picture up for quite a while, but I have more fun rotating avatars based on my moods. Oddly enough, if a new follower doesn’t have a real picture, they get more scrutiny than if they do.

    A lot of people hide behind their monitors. I should write a post about how passive aggressive the players of online video games can get. It’s shameful to have them a part of the human race at times.

    Rob, you had a male avatar when I started following you, so I was good on that. As for “sounding” male or female, it does happen often. I have a fictional ID for an ancient male vampire and several people didn’t believe I was writing him. Me, a girl, yes I am Max.

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