Happy Un-Birthday

Let’s cut right to the chase. You want to know who won. You want to know how old I am. I’m one of a handful of women who don’t freak out because a man asks me my age. Those who have participated in my game have illustrated why. No one got my age right. The range was four years younger all the way to eleven years younger. No one thought I was an old maid and no one thought I was a bratty teen.

I noticed an interesting pattern in the guesses. All the guesses not only made me younger, but also fell into the age range of my characters. I have a couple of late teens (seniors) but mostly I write post-college through thirty-ish. They live in my head, so of course they influence me even when I’m not writing.

Yes, I’m stalling. Are you skimming for an answer?

I am 35. Not only on Twitter, but also in real life, I get confused for a younger woman. On my thirty-fifth birthday, I didn’t get a birthday drink because the waitress carded me and, since I wasn’t buying, I didn’t have my wallet. She felt so bad. Her groveling was embarrassing.

So who won? You all did. Each person that played along with the game gets a big #followfriday shout-out. My fun with Twitter is the interaction, and that’s what you each did, or do, on a daily basis. Sure I follow a few who I don’t expect to tweet me back like Wil Wheaton or Joe Hill or Christian Kane, but most of the people I follow, I follow because they chat and they have personality.

By the way, it made my day when Poppy Z. Brite tweeted back after I tweeted that I wanted to nibble on her mind. That proudly got marked a favorite.

Without further ado, I give you this week’s #followfriday (in no particular order since I was trying to jot them all down while having a conversation with a lonely, but scary vampire).

@RKCharron (guessed 30): Rob is a writer and often RTs stuff of interest to writers. More of his tweets are @ than not by a lot, so if you prefer to avoid lurkers, follow Rob and tweet at him.

@FantasyDreamer (guessed 24): Donna writes reviews and posts other interesting information for book lovers on her blog. My TBR list is huge already, but I keep returning to her to know what’s going on in the book-lover world.

@jeff_baker_ (guessed 31): Jeff had the closest guess of the bunch and the one responsible for bringing up my age. I’ve only been following him for a couple of days, but I’ve laughed my way through them and have no problem adding this noob to the #followfriday list.

@usumcasane (guessed 26): Trevor has been on the potential #followfriday blog list since the start. He love to interact with other Twits and he often makes the mornings at the office a little more bearable with amusing pre-coffee conversation.

@andyslade (guessed 28): Andy must share the follow with @aliwilde because it is usually a tweet conversation between them that I’m butting into. The Muses are wild little pretty boys in this corner of the Twitterverse and I love to throw my Muse in with the lot to play and romp and… *ahem*.

@WDPrescott (guessed 27): WD was a late entry (there’s always one, isn’t there?). He is a writer AND he tweets in his underwear on occasion. (Oh, you must have know that’d come back to you!). He’s probably the person I’ve chatted with most this month, unless you count myself when I tweet with @redheaddreams, and the topics can be just about anything that pops into my warped mind.

Ah, that wasn’t so bad. I admit, I have many doubts about promising #followfriday posts when I don’t know who will participate. I won’t recommend someone that I wouldn’t follow myself, but that doesn’t address the fact that some of the people I follow I know very, very little about. It was a good writing exercise and now The Muse is demanding some fiction in recompense. Who am I to deny her?



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