Hug Your Friends

booze-beltI had a good time with both old and new friends last night. We invited several people over for drinks, games, and too much food. I won’t go into detail because you wouldn’t believe me or, if you did, you wouldn’t believe there isn’t more to tell. Yes, it was a damn good party.

My sorta resolutions for July went well. While I did create a new fic-tweet ID for @Tiber_NYC, I play with Nica and Tiber only once in a while, and the rest are gone. I don’t let people pull me away from work or from The Muse on the rare occasion she shows her face. I have fun when I have time to have fun.

As for the second resolution, there is nothing like a gathering of friends to make one realize who you really are. Part of me is bitter that I was made out to be the bad guy during a certain unnamed incident last month. I put someone else’s moods and happiness before my own and, not only was it not noticed or appreciated, it backfired. I was myself last night with about two dozen people and while a couple of people blushed when I flashed another girl, no one got ticked at anything anyone else said or did. That’s what friends are about. They know who you are and what you’re about. It’s hard to find good friends, but once you find them, hold on to them tight.

I was thrilled that so many people took time out of their weekend to join us for the evening and well into the night. My sister was one of them. At about 4 weeks from her due date she drove up to visit. She laughed at me when another girl’s three-year old wore me out and then proceeded to exhaust his uncle without showing signs of slowing down. “You will have a diaper quota once Rose is born,” she said. I caught a glimpse of the three-year old diving at me from the side, spun him around, and restrained him in a bear hold, to the beat of his little boy giggles. “I don’t know about that,” I said, “But you know I’ll be visiting all the time.”



One response to “Hug Your Friends

  • Grégoire

    looks like you moved over here to dirty, dirty wordpress.

    other than that, i freakin’ adore you. you’re now in my faves and i look forward to some more freaky, desublimated, spookshow stories.

    y’r pal, gregoire

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