Crank It Up

StrawberriesWow, I have a dozen things I want to blog about. It happens like this. I’ll have non-stop ideas three times a day for two weeks, then I won’t have a fucking clue as to what to blog about for a month. I used to take notes, jotting down ideas on little yellow Post-It notes, but when the time came to refer to them, I couldn’t find one I liked. It never worked.

This time around, I wrote the first paragraph of several “extra” ideas and stuffed them in the blog as private posts. The hope is that the first paragraph will be enough to remind The Muse why that idea sounded so cool the first time around. Hey, it works when I write a couple of pages of a new character or story idea. Blogs are shorter so a paragraph or two should be enough to re-inspire an entry. Right? Right?

Anyway, the head start on August’s Resolutions definitely helped. After studying for that July exam, the house was in desperate need of a cleaning, so that kept me from the gym. Then, on the first, we had a party, which is always tough on the diet. After the party, I got hit hard with a nasty UTI followed by a premature and very heavy period. Finally, today, I made it to the gym.

I really want to blog about the party, but that deserves an entry all to itself. All I can say here is that Kate was adorable. I want to call her Sexy Librarian, but I don’t know if she’s actually into books.

Anyway, I digress as usual. Despite all the distractions, I have figured out a decent cardio routine for the gym. Last time it was always the elliptical machine because it worked arms and legs. This time I want something that doesn’t move my feet for me, so I’m using the treadmill. Currently I’m doing a run/fast walk interval routine with hopes to get up to a slow jog by the end of the month. I suspect that may be stretching it, so if I can get my intervals longer, I’ll be happy.

For the healthier eating side, I was impressed that the only “bad” thing I had at our party was alcohol. I skipped the cookies and I skipped the brownies. I only took two bites of the best cheesecake in New England. That last one was not easy, in case you were wondering. I’ve slipped at other points – pizza one night, potato puffs at lunch with my Lean Cuisine 3-point meal, but nothing major, and I’ve been eating much more fruit in the meantime.

As I said, not a bad head-start.

While The Muse is still chattering, I’ll jot down one more private blog idea and then shove her at Crandall. If you haven’t seen her latest fascination (Crandall and Mike), check out the fic-blog here: CRANK.

Love you all, Dear Readers! Thanks for dropping in.



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