What is…

You won’t click links when you don’t know what they are? Ok, that’s fair. Neither will I. So let me explain some of the things I’m likely to link either here or on Twitter.

First and foremost, this blog. (Ok, obviously, if you’re here. Right?) I like to blog and I like it even better when people comment on my random ramblings. So, yes, my links may lead you right back here.

Second, CRANK. Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen this one a dozen times already, but have I explained what it is? I don’t think I have, or not well enough, because even my closest followers aren’t reading. (See, if you don’t comment, I assume you’re not reading. That goes for this blog as well as CRANK, so take this hint or I’ll get out the two-by-four.)

CRANK is fiction in a blog format. It is written by two men and best friends, Mike and Crandall. It’s still in the just starting out phase, so if you haven’t read any of it yet, it’s not too late. Check it out. Comment. Even if it’s just to tell me to stop wasting your time.

What is CRANK about? It’s a little bit of love, a little bit of friendship, and a little bit of vampire hunting. Yes, I know. Me, I’m writing vampire hunters now. Hey, everyone else is writing vampires, so I needed to do something different. Okay?

The love side is going to be mostly between men. I shouldn’t have to disclose that because 1) You should know my tastes by now, and 2) Why the fuck does gay sex have to be such a god-damn taboo? (There. Disclosure. Now deal with it. If you don’t I might rant about anal sex. Or maybe I will if you do. Pervs.)

Onward. Third, also a fic-blog: REDHEAD DREAMS. This is the blog of Nica, vampire against her will, and clinging to her humanity. She’s not my typical vampire. In fact, she qualifies as a complete opposite of what I prefer to see in a vampire. She’s been a good writing challenge and has grown and changed beyond measure since her first introduction to a YahooGroup sandbox years ago. I keep her around for those of you that love her anti-romance angst and youthful naivety. She can be spotted on Twitter more than in her own blog, but that’s kids for you.

There will be other links. Always. I don’t tend to send them, or even re-tweet them, unless I’ve checked them out myself. If it’s an article I don’t feel like reading, I’ll delete the link if I want to re-tweet the rest. So, should you always trust my links? Probably not. I’ve been known to forget the “NSFW” label on occasion, and I do have a weird sense of humor, so I won’t vouch for myself. Mostly though, if you’re still around after following my shimmying self on Twitter, you can, and should, click the links I share. They are, after all Dear Reader, meant for you.



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