Just when I thought you were dead
You return
Haunting me like a ghost in the mirror
An image steamy from the shower
Elusive in my mind
Revealing no name
But I know — you

Please let me move on
You cannot stay
I don’t want to banish you
Like I’ve done to our friends
Alienated because
They bring thoughts of you

Wings of birds flutter in my mind
Churning up dust of our past
While I wipe away the fog veiling my eyes
Carrying memories of you

Return corporeal
As I know you can not
Or, I insist


2 responses to “Haunted

  • Trapped

    Please pardon the intrusion…I only wish to say that this poem was captivating.

    Thank you

  • Grégoire

    This is a great poem. It’s odd to read, because I dealt with these emotions just a short time ago.

    Friends come and they go. We love them even when they hurt us, and sometimes we have to love them from afar. Loving someone is never wrong, but at times we just have to move on, whether they allow us to or not.


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