Outer Alliance Pride Day

oalpridebannerdc (1)As a member of the Outer Alliance, I advocate for queer speculative fiction and those who create, publish and support it, whatever their sexual orientation and gender identity.  I make sure this is reflected in my actions and my work.

I write gay fiction.  Yes, sometimes it’s graphic. I prefer the term erotic, but to each his or her own. No, you didn’t wander into a confessional, but you did wander (either willingly, or via a conveniently vague bit.ly link) into my blog. Welcome. Pull up a seat. Have a cookie.

I met some new friends about two months ago. One question that inevitably comes up with new people is “Why?” Why do I write? Why vampires? Why gay men? Why the not happily-ever-after endings?

Why is more than one blog entry. Eventually, I’ll answer that question in full, but today is not that day. Today, is not about why, but about opening just one more mind to the idea that it isn’t wrong. And that is also part of the why.

I’ve been lucky. Of all the times I’ve answered the question, “What do you write?” I have yet to be faced with someone who is completely opposed or repulsed by it. Sure, they may not read my stories, but I’ve yet to get either 1) condemnation (already Hell-bound, it wouldn’t bother me), nor 2) girls can’t write gay boys (um, hello, some insanely high percentage of gay male erotica is written by women).  Besides, I’ll go blue in the face to explain that while my current WIP has gay sex in it, it is not about gay men. It’s about vampire hunters. Yes, they happen to be gay too. Get it?

For me, that is where I want to open minds. It’s not about writing GBLT characters. It’s about accepting them in stories about everything and anything else. My first full and complete novel strongly hinted that one of the male MCs was bisexual. I wrote it before I discovered the wonderful world of M/M erotic romance. I had not, to that point, read anything that openly offered a gay or bi character. My mom questioned the “hints” back then, and I wondered if I should take out that part of the MC so I wouldn’t limit my chances at publishing the story.

I didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t. The story is collecting dust in a three-ring binder under my desk. My writing has since grown above and beyond those pages. One of these days I’ll resurrect those vampires, but when I do, the strong hints will be both more subtle and more powerful. It will still be a story of the struggle of two vampire bloodlines under fire by outcasts, but it will not be shy about encompassing all aspects of the vampire world, sexuality included.

So why do I write gay characters? Why am I rambling on about it for Pride Day?

Everyone deserves to be who they are and who they want to be. It’s that simple. If explaining to a crowd of straight people why I can’t wait to write the first sex scene in my current WIP helps open one or several minds, then I’m happy. If bypassing the closed-minded unbendingly-straight readers, helps reach one on the cusp, I can’t turn away.

I talk about it because it’s a part of who I am. I write. Every character carries my blood, even if sometimes I spill it carelessly upon the ground before we’re done. I know them and they know me. Likewise, I never give out the link to my story during these initial discussions. The mind opens slowly. I’ll be there when it’s ready to receive.


PS. Click the banner above for more information on Pride Day and the Outer Alliance.

PSS. Interested in the story? CRANK is the ongoing WIP. The latest installment was a kiss, but not your typical boy-meets-boy kiss. Go on. Click it. You know you’re curious.


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