When Giggling is Exercise

I turned the calendar over today. That means it’s time for a confession on last month’s resolutions, as well as setting myself up for this month. I’d rather not. I’d rather catch up on my reading reviews. I finished Ward’s DARK LOVER and Brite’s EXQUISITE CORPSE. I’m working on ODD HOURS by Dean Koontz, which will be a quick read. Koontz doesn’t scare me like he used to, but he still makes me stay up late reading chapter after chapter until my eyes are dried out husks of sleep-deprived desperation.

It is the first of September, however, and if I delay today, I’ll not finish my resolutions post until mid-month. So enough whining – time to own up to August.

August’s resolutions revolved around getting healthy again. After finally getting that certification exam out of the way mid-July, I had nothing standing in the way of returning to my former self. Nothing, except lethargy. (Still haven’t heard any results on the exam, by the way. I hate checking the mail now. The daily disappointment has junk building up in the little metal box at the side of the road.)

First, let’s talk about the failure. Exercise has always been something I enjoyed. I danced through high school and college, and we’re not talking about clubbing. I started with jazz, then added modern. Later, splashes of ballet, lyrical, and even gymnastic dance weaseled in here and there. When I finished with dance classes, I kept exercising by falling in love with that burn my muscles feel after a great workout at the gym. Then, I took on too much and the gym fell by the wayside.

I’ve renewed my membership, but I’ve yet to develop the habit again. When I go, I do walk/run intervals on the treadmill as well as the strength training that I enjoy. I went often enough to watch Dracula 2000 and the making of Battle of the Sun in 25 minute installments. There are new movies on the iPod, but I haven’t started them yet. So, to translate – I’m not going often enough.

We’ve had two parties with swimming and dancing, plus we went for a walk or two around the neighborhood. I fell in some stagnant water and The Hubby saw a deer in the woods. The bugs loved me and he didn’t notice them. Exercise is so unfair.

I’m still working on it. I know I can find that point where I miss going to the gym on busy days. It takes a bit of pain to start, but it’s out there. Waiting.

The second resolution for August was to eat healthier. I expected this one to be the harder of the two, so imagine my surprise when I pulled this off early in the month. I’m not 100% pure, nor did I intend to be so.

I must admit, the Invisalign makes it easier to not eat too much. Since I have to pry the aligners off my teeth for every meal, grabbing a handful of potato chips or a few Hershey Kisses in between household chores just doesn’t happen any more.

It’s not all due to the aligners though. I “won” a chocolate bar from some work-related thing. I broke off a piece, less than a quarter of it, and didn’t even finish that. I don’t have the same taste for chocolate that I had when I was eating it often. I still have my binge times, like last night, when I ate more potato chips than I need in a week, but overall, I don’t snack all day long, and when I do, I’m choosing grapes, or watermelon, or Fiber One cereal more often than chocolate, chips, or a latte from the cafeteria that announced switching to Starbucks just after I signed myself up for this torture.

So, long rambling made short: Exercise still needs a lot of work. Eating healthier is a success. I’ll continue to work on both through September, but September will also have its own resolution. Now what should that be?

Because it’s so important, I’m keeping Exercise on the list for this month. This is the first month that I’ve doubled up. It can be the gym, a walk, whatever, as long as it’s not on the sofa with the laptop giggling at Twitter. Sure, giggling burns calories and it works the core muscles, but I need a bit more activity than that.

Second, it’s time to stop giving The Muse her head and rein her in for some quality work on occasion. I annoy myself talking about writing but not doing anything productive towards getting published. I responded to a couple of Twitter calls this week, and I am excited about the prospects. I am also very encouraged by my darling Twitter friends who have been reading (and enjoying) CRANK.

I’m not going to give myself a specific outline for this resolution. Last time I did this, I promised to do something with Kitty’s story and then ended up writing about demons instead. For this month, I’m going to do the research. I’m going to prepare a proposal for… something. I’m going to move forward… to try. Hold me to it, Dear Readers. If you like CRANK, nag me to get back to work when I’m tweeting instead of editing. Ok, it’s up to me in the end, but moral support does amazing things for me. Stroke my ego. I need it once in a while. We all do.

That’s enough rambling for now. I’ll get to the book reviews later this week. Plus CRANK, which is handwritten, but yet to be typed. He’s been babbling lately, so regardless of resolutions, I won’t be holding back on you in that department. I promise!



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