Waxing Poet, Waxing Moon, Waxing Life

The coffee pot gurgling to my right is not the only sound but it’s the one I hear. In the still silence beyond the brewing java, birds call to one another, their unique prattling reaching me through open windows that will soon close as the trees fade away and the birds in them flutter southerly. At my feet, the cat pushes around his food bowl, burying it with one paw. He sniffs at his work before licking the empty bowl, seeking every last morsel. His rough tongue on the smooth plastic makes a faint skritching sound if only I listen.

I’ve been too busy to write and it makes me waxing poetic. I wrestled down The Muse last night, getting her buzzed on tequila, just to get CRANK done for the week. I’m not happy with the installment, but I think that’s my inner critic, bored by the lack of reading time. When there is nothing else to judge, my own Muse gets a double dose, and usually a bitchy one. I’m mildly concerned, but I know the next few installments will continue to draw my dear Readers into the story that they’ve come to enjoy. After all, Mike has a lot of questions to answer, even if Crandall hasn’t asked them yet.

The ‘too busy’ that surprised me the most is that it took me several days to announce my success on the Certified Financial Planning exam. No, wait. That’s not entirely true. Friday evening, after telling the Hubby, I tweeted something along the lines of “I did it!! *squeeeeee*”. I acknowledged, even then, that this could pertain to anything, so I intended to blog about it too. Then stuff kept coming up and the poor muse pull the sheets over her head and stayed out of my way.

Yes, I passed, and with flying colors, as they say. Actually, I didn’t get a score. (I looked for the blog entry that explained the pass/fail scoring system and dumb, unorganized me must have forgotten to label it because I couldn’t find it. Oh well. Pretend there’s a link here to a great post about how the convoluted scoring is done.) While I didn’t get a percentage score, I did get a chart of the six topics on the exam and how I fared compared to everyone that passed it. My line on the graph was at or over the line for all testers. Thanks to my work at the brokerage firm, investments and retirements were well above. Insurance was at the line, but hey, I don’t have my insurance license, so no surprise there. I’m happy with the results regardless. It’s been a long eight-weeks and now I can move forward knowing I don’t need to prepare for the November exam.

I’m not a CFP yet, however. Once the exam is complete, a CFP candidate also needs to pass a background check (brokerage firm did that too; they didn’t find the bodies either), verify that I have work experience in the field, and review my transcripts from college. Then a candidate gets to write a big fat check for annual dues.  Only once that payment has been made and accepted, can I call myself a Certified Financial Planner™. It’s been a week. I haven’t started all that extra paperwork. I have it with me and it will get done soon. For the moment, I’m still on the high of passing, and getting the title doesn’t get me a raise, while passing gets me the recognition. It is, as they say, all good.

The coffee is done brewing and I need to find a pair of socks because I’m not yet ready to close the windows for the season yet. Enjoy your weekend, dear Readers. Thanks for stopping in!



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