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mabonToday is the first day of autumn. This comes at no surprise to most since social networks have taken the place of calendars for such reminders. The calendar day for the changing of the seasons is also the pagan holiday of Mabon, or the autumn equinox. The day and night are equal. Light and dark are in balance.

Technically, the perfect balance was at 5:18 PM Eastern time yesterday, but anyone who knows a pagan has likely heard the excuse “Pagan Standard Time”. We are not, as a group, the best organized people. We know that time is rarely linear and it affects the way we move through the world. Celebrations are no different. Besides, the equinox can fall anywhere between the 20th and the 22nd, so it is easier to check a calendar and celebrate the meaning, not the minute.

Traditionally, the autumn equinox, or Mabon, is a harvest festival. The days have been growing shorter and will continue to do so until near the end of the year. Farmers’ fields grow bare as the leaves dress in vibrant colors before drifting lazily away. While most of us do not worry about storing away the harvest to survive the winter, we have noticed the days growing cooler and the sun lagging behind the horizon a little longer each morning. Instead of reflecting on our preparedness for winter meals, now is the time to reflect upon ourselves and our own balance of light and darkness. Without balance in our lives, we become stressed, cranky, or withdrawn. We scramble to keep up, or we float through life, numbly attending to this and that without appreciating the little blessings we each have.

Whether pagan, or not, everyone can benefit from Mabon. This is the time of year that I returned to my Reiki Master to get re-attuned. Once you are attuned for Reiki, you do not need to repeat the process, but for me, it is a chance to clear and clean my chakras and acknowledge how much out of align they’ve been. My Master understands this and happily allows me into her sessions as an experienced practitioner for her students to connect with. She has an extra hand and a willing voice and I leave purged of more than I could ever explain in a blog.

This year, I won’t go to a Reiki class, but I will seek that same cleansing and centering. I will shut off the computer, the TV, even the phone, and I will look within at the cacophony that is my internal struggle for peace. The clutter of life can become organized, but we must remember that chaos is the easy choice and balance must be sought or never be obtained. Pick one thing today, dear Readers, and seek your balance.

Happy Mabon,


4 responses to “Discover Mabon

  • wolfshowl

    I like the idea of turning off the electronics for Mabon and re-attuning to yourself. Listening to your inner voice can help maintain balance. Peace.

  • Dina

    lovely, i have my candles lit, as it turns out the weather has become very fall-like in denver, and my son has a cold so i have been hanging home and knitting. we harvested the rest of our veggies yesterday. and for me i feel like i have neglected my spiritual self for a long time. I need to re-kindle and may do some reading on stregheria.

    love and light

  • piaveleno

    The stregheria is my favorite because of my Ital blood. One of these days I’ll learn the language properly too.

  • Crystal Posey

    Balance is the hardest thing for me. I tend to be extreme going from one end of the spectrum to the other. I enjoyed reading this post and I believe I’ll concentrate a little more on balance during this time 🙂

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