Recovering From Myself

Wow. It’s been a while.

I’d like to say it was intentional. You see, at the end of September, I made a valiant effort to catch up on all the reading in my Google Reader. It took quite a while, and I did “Mark as Read” a lot of stuff that I didn’t actually read. At that point, I did two things. First, I removed several blogs that I’ve done that to over the past couple of months, and second, I promised I’d stop writing in mine every day or every other day despite what The Muse said. The Muse needs to focus on stuff that can be published after all, so it wasn’t a promise not to write, just not to waste my time and the time of those that enjoy following my blog. You don’t, after all, need to be tormented with my weird poetry that strikes only when I’m sick. It’s usually sick itself, so I will spare you. And you don’t need to read my ramblings every day. I don’t honestly think I have that much quality stuff to write about that I should be writing in the blog every day.

I simply enjoy the blogging process. I like talking to myself and sharing it with those who know me (or want to know me). I like to write in almost any form. Almost. I always hated the research papers for school, but that was because I’m a fiction girl, and non-fiction is boring. (Go, figure I don’t consider blogging truly non-fiction. Maybe I’ll explore that at a later date.)

Despite that mini-ramble, that is not why it’s been a few days. I’ve been sick all weekend (yes I include Monday in the weekend so stop questioning me) and I finally started to feel better last night. I slept for 10-12 hours a night, plus there might have been some napping in there. Monday was better, but still a bit off. Today, I’m doing much better. Thank you.

Now I need to catch up again. Really, I should be writing, but I cannot neglect you, my dear Readers, for any longer. I posted a new CRANK last night, and prepared the next one for Thursday or Friday posting. I’m checking in here, and then I’ll make another attempt at Heaven’s Demons.

Ah, Heaven’s Demons. I don’t know why I keep picking at this story. I’m sure there’s a story there, but the words refuse to flow when I start to work on it. It started back in May or June when I saw a call for angel and/or demon stories for an upcoming anthology. I love writing about demons, but had yet to put an angel in one. Ideas started percolating. I scrawled out three different blurbs, kicked out the angel, then the demon, then began writing with both.

Because of the July exam I took, that story got pushed aside in favor of studying. (It was not the kind of exam you’d want to take again at any cost.) After the exam, once CRANK was up and running, I picked up the story again, named it Heaven’s Demons, and started fiddling with it. It didn’t go anywhere. I knew where it should start and I knew how it had to end, but the middle part wallow in the muck of shitty storytelling and I gave up.

Not one to be dictated by my Muse (you can stop laughing at any time), I recently printed out what I had so far, three different files with two different POV styles. I had stumbled over another antho call for demons and angels and I am stubborn as fuck when it comes to certain things. This story, apparently, fell on that list.

Hmm, I appear to be stalling. I want to see this story to its completion, even if it doesn’t go out for submission, but I’ve taken every excuse I can find to not work on it.

Must shut off Twitter… Must write…

Come here, Muse mine. We have work to do!


PS check this out today – A writer is using Twitter followers to inspire and guide his next novel. Over three days, starting today, he’ll be tweeting questions and using the answers in the chapters. Each chapter will be posted as it’s completed (one an hour). Read more about it (including the chapters completed so far on the right) here:


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