Ask for Answers

The drive in to work is thinking time. Sometimes the Muse sits in the back seat and chatters away. Other mornings, characters in current WIPs will sit in the passenger seat and talk with me about what they’d like to do.

Today I let my mind wander over a couple of ideas I’ve been percolating for blog entries. That led to consideration of the general voice of this blog compared to others that I read on a semi-regular basis. In turn, led to thoughts of anal sex. Ok, that last part was just to see if you were still paying attention.

Generally speaking, when I blog, I spout off my opinions on whatever matter is at hand, but rarely do I write specifics about myself. You already know that I support the rights of gays to marry, but do you know if I’m straight or bi? You probably have a good guess based on some of my blog entries, but each time I’ve started the entry that actually addresses my orientation, I get bored, wander off, and find myself writing boy-on-boy smut.

It’s not because I’m shy. I am, yes, but I also prefer to talk about anything other than myself, even when I’m being social. I especially enjoy changing the one-track mind of mine to its favorite topic – fiction. Real life is dull compared to the stories I write or read and so why talk about boring little me?

During a recent hot tub party, we played twenty questions. Well, there might not have been twenty and that probably wasn’t the name of the game, so maybe I should explain. It was a simple yes/no game. Each person could ask any person in the tub one yes/no question. Everyone had the right to pass, because it was all for fun and we didn’t want to make anyone upset. I answered every question, not once considering a pass. My trouble was finding a question to ask, but that is another story for another time.

So in an effort to give you, dear Readers, a change of pace, I’m offering up the yes/no game. Ask me anything, as long as it is a yes/no question. I may, if inspiration hits, answer with more than yes or no, but I will answer every question with at least one of those two words. That’s right. No passing.

Challenge me, dear Readers. Put me on the spot. What do you want to know?



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