You Failed Marley and Me

I have issue with marketers. No, this isn’t about the spambots on Twitter, this is about the idiots paid good money to convince the general public to buy product.

There’s always exceptions. I love the Mac commercials with Justin Long. I hear he’s done however, which is a shame.

Today, my complaint is the ad guy who did the commercial for Marley & Me. Do you remember it? The ads for this movie showed a crazy, uncontrollable dog owned by Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. The dog trainer in me cringed. I knew it would be a demonstration of poor dog ownership.

What else would it be? Silly, maybe even funny at time, but they probably showed most of the good stuff during the commercials. I didn’t watch it. I didn’t care.

I spent last weekend with L’il Sis. She had watched half the movie before and fallen asleep on the sofa. She called it up on On Demand and I just shrugged. My entertainment would be to tell everyone how Jenn and Owen were fucking up the dog by not being the alpha of the family when it acted improperly.

Get this. There WAS a story behind the silly dog scenes. There was a story of life and how it doesn’t work out as we plan and making what life we have into something we can enjoy.

I’m not a Jennifer Aniston fan, but Owen Wilson is growing on me. He made me cry when Marley got sick. I felt his frustration when family life was tough and when work insisted he try something he didn’t want to do with his career.

I won’t get into a full review, but I can say that I don’t regret the time I spent watching this movie. It was nothing like what I expected from the commercials.

Here that, ad guys? I would never have watched this movie based on your commercials! Had my sis not wanted to see it and had her hands on the remote, I never would have seen it at all. Movies, books, even life isn’t all about the stupid, silly scenes. Some of us do want to know these is a story to follow.



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