Fallen, Without Failure

Hell, yes, I’ve been busy. fallen angel

When I start losing the race with time, this blog flounders like a rowboat with a hole in the hull and only one oar. In reality, when I have time, I blog too much. I ramble on, entertaining myself, but am I really entertaining you, dear Reader?

Just a stray thought, ignore it. I’ve been busy because I can’t help but wait until last minute to finish something. To me, deadline means start busting ass twenty-four hours beforehand.

A month ago, I decided to pull a dead story from the graveyard because an antho call fit it so well. Due November 1st, I spent much of my week off in early October banging out the first draft. Of the week off, I futzed around until Wednesday before I started writing in earnest. Then, I took my time editing. I didn’t get the story to a beta reader until the week before it was due. The morning of the 31st, I crawled out of bed at 9am to edit. At 3pm, we returned home from errands, laptop in tow, and nothing done but moving the script from flash drive to laptop desktop so I wouldn’t bend the drive connection on the move. At a quarter past 10, I finally hit send on the sub.

This is not to say I didn’t work hard on it, nor am I saying it’s not the best I could do with this story.  I did and it was.

With a month to spend, working every day, I’d have done nothing different. I love the pressure of a deadline looming over me. I love the stress of doubting I can get the job done in the time allotted. I excel when I’m freaking out, cranky, and convinced I will fail. I also don’t have time for things like blogging, or carrying on a civil conversation. Such is my way. I accept it. Next time I miss a blog entry, you can place a safe bet that I have something due in the next week, probably sooner.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, dear Readers. FALLEN (formerly Heaven’s Demons) is splayed out and exposed. Let us hope that it is seen as worthy as I believe it is.



One response to “Fallen, Without Failure

  • Annemarie Hartnett

    I always try to be organized but it just results in a complete brain fail and I couldn’t draft a soup label if I tried. This is why writers are generally insane. Nothing like stress to get the creativity flowing.

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