Answers Asked. NaNo Abandon(ed).

The answer is 42.

What is the question?

In my recent post, Ask For Answers, I offered to answer any yes/no questions put to me. While that post received a spike in hits compared to my usual ramblings, I only received two comments, one set of questions that were really lyrics, and one open-ended (not yes/no) question.

Disappointed? Nope. Surprised? Not at all.

I wouldn’t ask a question of someone I didn’t know either, and as for those of you I do know, I ask my questions through IM or other means. So do you. Blogs are impersonal, even when the topic is intimately personal.

This was a test of society. I got the answer I expected.

Ah, but that is very lame, and I wanted to play a game. So, since the lyrics were yes/no questions (two out of three ain’t bad), I will start with those answers.

“Do you dream in color?”

Yes. My dreams are waking dreams of hopes and desires. I daydream of my boys, intimately and otherwise, so that they may share their secrets before I pour them onto the page. My dreams are eclipsed by waking thoughts, but still vibrant, nagging The Muse, until acknowledged, answered, and embraced.

“Is there music in your head?”

Yes. But you knew that answer, my dear.

I have my own soundtrack playing constantly. Music is my biggest inspiration and my mood enhancing drug. A single song can, and will, convince the muse to babble out entire stories. Kitty’s story, for one. More recently, I sketched out a triple play of short stories based on random thoughts inspired by a new song:

Stupid me, to believe that I could trust in stupid you.
And on the back of my hand,
Were directions I could understand.
Now that old buzzard Johnny Walker
Has gone and ruined all our plans-
Our best-made plans.

This will be another M/M erotic romance. Didn’t guess that from the lyrics? Me neither. That is what happens to the music in my head.

As for the other two questions, they are not yes/no questions. Maybe I’ll get back to them later, but for now, I need to shift sideways. Hold on tight and keep your hands and feet inside the car.

I’ve decided to do NaNo. Yes, crazy, I know.

I think most of you already know this because I’ve been tweeting about it.

Originally, I signed up with Abandon, a story based on my GURP role-playing character. I loved my character concept so much that I nearly scrapped it for the campaign so I could save Ash for writing. Instead, I’ll be doing both. Just not for NaNo. I want to explore Ash through FridayFlash on Twittter, and through the game, before I go for a full-fledged novel-sized story. He’s precious and he deserves the extra time and dedication.

So instead of Ash, I’ll be working on the triple-play of short stories that was inspired by Kings of Medicine. I already have three of the four characters involved, so they should speak fairly freely. Two of them have been parts of flash fiction scenes from before No Girls Allowed when on hiatus. The third has had private scenes to work other characters. The fourth, well, he’s doomed anyway.

I don’t have a working title for this series yet, which is driving me nuts. I left Abandon listed as the title for now on the NaNo site because I hate “Untitled”. I hate not having a title, but it will come when it’s meant to come.

If you’re participating in NaNo, buddy up with me. I need the nagging and I’m always happy to play the cheerleader. (My pom-poms may be demon heads, and I’ll wear the knee-high black boots with the cute skirt, but I can still encourage.) My Nano page is here: piaveleno.

Enough rambling. It’s 1:30 p.m. on day two of NaNo and I have a grand total of ZERO words. I’m not worried. I have plenty of time!



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