For Love

I am sad today. Worse, I’m not surprised by what is sucking at my will to believe in our society. Once again, a state put same-sex marriages to a vote, and once again, the voters failed miserably.

There are plenty of articles and blogs out there about gay rights. I don’t want to rehash all of that. Today, I want to write about why I believe so strongly that the dissenters are morally wrong. You see, they claim to vote against gay marriage because of moral values. They hide behind religion and tradition and the past. They have it wrong. To deny this is, to me, the highest sin.

As you may recall from my blog about my niece’s baptism, I was born and raised Catholic. My mom taught CCD for years. She still teases me about not going to church and I know that she both worries for my soul and understands my choice was made with open eyes and a dying heart. I left before I truly understood why. My thoughts strayed from a young age when I was told that they were called Altar Boys, not Altar Girls, so no, I couldn’t help with Mass.

Some churches do allow Altar Girls now, but the Church has always been slow to evolve. With Christianity being so damn popular (yes, I said damn on purpose there) I am not surprised to find voters striking down attempts to allow something different in our lives. There is no separation of Church and State. Religion is in our legislation and attempts to separate it are futile.

The anti-gay activists state that marriage is between a man and a woman. Period. Tell me then, how long ago was it that marriage was between a WHITE man and a WHITE woman? Yes, laws against interracial marriages are still in the rearview mirror of our society. That stupidity has not only been overturned, but now is, for the most part, accepted. And so, we must go through this again?

Marriage is about love, my friends. Love knows no bounds. Why is it wrong for two men to love each other? Two women? Marriage is the ultimate commitment to that love. Yes, it is a legal arrangement, but first and foremost, it is a commitment of heart and soul. How can we ever – EVER – define the desire for that immoral or wrong?

The activists also say that marriage is a special union reserved only for man and woman. Special, yes, I agree. Abused, as well. VERY ABUSED.

My mother-in-law is on her third marriage. The divorce rate in the country still hovers around half – HALF – of all marriages. Massachusetts did a study (I’ll be damned if I actually find the article again) on all the gay marriages performed within its borders. The divorce rate between same-sex marriages was significantly lower than the divorce rate for heterosexual marriages. SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER. How is this wrong? How are gay couples compromising marriage? They’re pulling your averages up!

Forget the high divorce rate muddying the beauty of married life. Forget the definition of ‘man and woman’. Think of love.

How many heterosexual marriages are forged on pretense? How many families move through life, day to day, without love? How many politicians married a woman while keeping a gay lover because society tells us that to represent us you must have a wife and two kids and a CUTE FUCKING DOG in the yard?

When we vote down the right for gay men and women to marry, we’re not only voting down the right to make a life long commitment. We’re voting down the desire to be cherished happily ever after. We’re voting down love.

I cannot understand why anyone with a brain would think a man loving a man is wrong. Is it the gay sex? Does it make you squirm? Are you afraid that if you try it you MIGHT FUCKING LIKE IT up the butt? Because you don’t have to, you know. Approving of gay marriage does not mean you need to stop clenching. We already know that you might like it, and that, uppity straight people, is one of your true fears.

God wants us to love one another. He wants us to treat one another with respect. By denying basic human rights to a group of people different from us, we are doing neither. Should we revote on the right of blacks to be free from slavery? Should we vote to see if marriages performed outside the Church are valid? Should we vote to see if anyone who doesn’t agree with us should be stoned, staked, or drawn and quartered at dawn?

You may say these questions are exaggerations. You may think I’m simply worked up and ranting. Oh yes, dear Readers, I’m worked up. I AM MARRIED. I want every person who finds someone special to be able to enjoy what I enjoy. NO ONE should have to fight for THE RIGHT TO LOVE.

I was raised Catholic. I left the Church for several reasons. I haven’t given up on religion or God. I found my own spirituality that allows me to see the world without blinders. I will, as I said before, raise my niece to embrace the Church. I will also teach her tolerance and respect for those who are different from her. I will teach her to not see the differences and accept that we are all God’s children.

Every person on this planet has the right to love. The Golden Rule says ‘Do unto others are you would have done to you’. I believe in love. I would never take that away from anyone. Even convicted felons are allowed visitation days from their loved ones. When voters refuse to allow same-sex marriages, they are breaking that Golden Rule. They are treating God’s children like pets, or slaves, or worse. How dare any of us be so pretentious as to think it’s okay to control who another human being can dedicate his or her life to!

Be careful what you vote for – karma is more of a bitch than I am.



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