Flying after Falling

Yesterday, after a Hellish work day, I received the email every writer dreads: Thanks, but no thanks. FALLEN had been rejected, and after barely resisting using a co-worker’s face as a pen holder (for reasons all her own), it wasn’t the best day to be told I just wasn’t good enough.

Oh, dear Readers, I am being so very melodramatic.

In all truth, the rejection email was polite and even encouraging. I was not told that FALLEN sucked and didn’t fit in, but rather, that they had an impressive number of submissions. I chose to read this as: there wasn’t enough room for every great story. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but I am going to fine tune my synopsis and submit it to another publisher.

I dove right in once I got home last night. I pulled up my Google bookmarks (you know, the ones labeled ‘Submission Guidelines’) and started browsing through my options. Three different Twits sent me DMs with suggestions on who to try and who to avoid, and the lovely Lexi Ryan made my night when I told her what the story was about and her tweeted response was “great hook”.

Damn it. Work just interfered. I lost my train of thought. I think it ran off the tracks while the conductor was tweeting on his cell phone.

Anyway, I have picked out a new e-publisher to query. My brain was fried last night and I don’t want to query half-assed, so I’ll be drafting this next submission Saturday morning (if not before). I’m very excited to jump back in right away and I’m carrying that into my NaNo project. Suddenly there’s a wolf spirit guide in it. Go figure.

I’m still distracted by Work, so I’ll cut this short for now – Nothing wrong with a quick update. After all, I do ramble on given the opportunity. Have a great day, dear Readers!



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