Creativity Unfurls Leathery Wings

How am I out of blog fodder?

I’m not. Not really. I’m out of Musely blessings.

The NaNo story has ground to a halt. Morgan is objecting to losing the love of his life to his alcoholism. He is in denial. Yes, character appropriate, but when he turns it on me, it makes writing him all that much harder. I have a rough outline and yet, the words don’t come. I keep picking at it, but the sad truth is that I need to set this story aside and let Morgan play with random characters until I get his personality down better.

On the flip side, Morgan does have a brief run-in with Nik towards the end of the outline, so I may head that direction just to get The Muse fired up again. Do you, dear Readers, remember Nik? It’s been some time since I’ve worked on him seriously. He first appeared publically when I was writing in the No Girls Allowed blog. Those posts are not there any more, so if you didn’t get the chance then, you’re out of luck. For now. I won’t tease. Nik is fun to write. He may be leveraged for some FridayFlash stories down the road. It might be with Morgan, or perhaps Leaf. At this point, if The Muse chooses one over the other, I’ll run with it.

It feels like I write about loosing The Muse as often as I write about writing. I know it’s not that drastic, and yet, in the midst of the frustrating silence of a zero word count, it damn well seems like it. Besides this NaNo project, I don’t have any major story lined up to write. I have a few random ideas that aren’t ready to be put to paper and I have a couple of more that need the full edit mode where The Muse is caged for sanity’s sake. This, I think, is part of my problem. If I don’t have three stories going at once, The Muse gets bored and wanders off. I have CRANK, and I have NaNo. I need at least one more to refresh her little demon-fae mind and convince her that her uber creativity is needed and desired.

So what to write? What to write? I’ve been in the mood to rework this kick ass were-wolf story I started with a friend. We were almost done with it when we set it aside for other matters. I don’t work well with others however, so maybe I can draw off of that yearning for something else paranormal. Demons perhaps? I haven’t created any new demons since I set Jordan’s story aside, and unlike vampires, there are not bajillions of demon stories out there already.

Yes, dear Readers, demons sound like fun. Sexy, buff, red-skinned male demons fucking like… demons in the fires of Hell. Um-hm, I think we have something here. See, there is a method to my madness, and a purpose to my rambling. The Muse has been lured in with talk of her kind and I was prepared with a dish of coffee and an image of a winged, fiery beast to make her drool.



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