I did. Really.

I have not lost my resolve.

In my thinking place – on the way to the office, singing along to Placebo songs in the car – I realized I never blogged my resolutions for November. This is not the first time I realized this, but between car and computer, I do tend to forget ideas I have for writing. It can be frustrating, but not so frustrating that I pull into the parking lot with a fervent need to jot things down before walking to the building.

I forget. It happens. Life goes on.

I did not truly neglect my resolutions for November. I agreed to attempt NaNo. I promised myself to resubmit FALLEN should it be rejected. I’ve done both of these things.

Oh yes, dear Readers, November is not yet done, and it is a bit early for a summary of the monthly resolutions, but for this last week of the month, I intend to make a big push for the current WIP. I’m mentally charging up for this personal writeathon. I’ve been letting my mind wander around the main character, Morgan, and the two men who mold his life through the series of stories. I’ve been releasing them into scenarios that will never make it into the books, but will reveal them to me, so that I may write them more true to character than before. I’m ready to get these stories done, and so, I may not blog much between now and December.

Resolutions. Yes. You’re used to my side tangents by now, right?

NaNo is over 20k. I’ll be happy to get another 10-15k by month’s end. If this writeathon goes well, perhaps a bit more. If I count the words I’ve written for blogs and for CRANK, I’d be noticeably closer. If I made an adjustment for prepping FALLEN for a new submission, again, closer, but both FALLEN and CRANK needed to be done. I do not regret the time spent on them. Next year, I’d do the same. Sure, NaNo is about pumping out a story, but life, even other aspects of the writing life, can get in the way. If FALLEN gets accepted, it will be worth it. For all the comments on the story and on Twitter, CRANK is already worth it.

The resolution was to attempt NaNo, to kick start Morgan’s story and lead it into Nik’s story. That, dear Readers, has been accomplished. The word count is just the icing on the resolute cake.

As for FALLEN, I may not know until January. I already have the next publishing house picked out in case it is rejected, but damn, I feel good about this story. It’s worth money. It’s worth reading. I want to try out those day dreams about both good and crappy book reviews already. Keep your fingers crossed, my friends. This waiting is more difficult than writing smut scenes while the Hubby is the room.



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