Sharing Manlove Over Coffee

I have fallen behind on my book reviews. Frankly, I don’t like writing them for every book. Sometimes I’m in the mood to share what I’ve read, and other times, I’d rather write about pretty boys pleasuring each other as tongues or hands dance over random body parts.

Speaking of which, I do want to share a book with you. Yes, I’m telling you about a book I read. I am not reviewing it. That implies more of a book report style essay to me, and I’d rather write this like two friends gabbing over coffee.

Oh, and have you read this one? It has ghosts and murders, plus a sexy cop and his ghost hunter boyfriend. Pass the caramel macchiato creamer please.

This one is another M/M romance. I finished it a month ago, maybe more, so details are fuzzy, but the desire to read more by this author is not. I got my first taste of Jordan Castillo Price and her paranormal storyline when I won PSYCOP: PARTNERS from Reviews by Jessewave. PARTNERS is actually two books in one: AMONG THE LIVING and CRISS CROSS, the first two stories in the PSYCOP series.

The main character, Vic, is a high-level medium, seeing dead people whether he wants to or not. He sucks down pills like candy in an effort to avoid these spirits, or at least temper his reception to them. Not only does he struggle with the psy-suppressing drugs, but his self-doubt is just enough to be charming and a bit frustrating. When handsome fellow cop, Jacob, throws himself at Vic, Vic cannot see what a hunk like Jacob would want with him. Jacob’s cockiness is a good match with Vic’s uncertainty, which becomes even more important in CRISS CROSS.

I won’t go into story details because I hate spoilers, but I will say I liked the incubus and the cute HEA conversation afterwards in AMONG THE LIVING. In CRISS CROSS, the intertwined threads of the villains and their deeds got a bit confusing and the ending didn’t tie up all the loose ends for me, but I did like how Vic’s drug habit came around full circle as  boon and bane, as did his feelings about sexy boy toy, Jacob and their relationship.

As soon as I get my eReader, I will be downloading the next book of the PSYCOP series. You can find a link for a free – yes, FREE – preview of the first half of AMONG THE LIVING here:

Coming up soon, my thoughts on NECROSCOPE by Brian Lumley, CRANK by Ellen Hopkins, and Dean Koontz’s FRANKENSTEIN series.



One response to “Sharing Manlove Over Coffee

  • Jessica Rosen

    Isn’t it great to find a book that makes you read as a Reader again? I read so much as a Writer that I often forget to delve into the pure joy of page turning. Too much watching technique, too little rapture. I vicariously enjoyed your reading pleasure.

    Take care,
    Jessica Rosen

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