Mud (And Then)

Here’s a new game to this blog. I take random words, thoughts, phrases, whatever, and work them into a story. I have no plans on where the story will go, as it is all inspired by my darling minions on Twitter.

The first two words today were MUD and A WHITE SHIRT, provided by @shadowsinstone


It started with the mud. Jocelyn, hidden behind her Blackberry Curve, jabbed out tweets with both thumbs on the tiny keyboard. She had had enough of her ex-boyfriend and his new slut-du-jour, and their online exhibitionism that always seemed to be a slap in her face.

“If you expect me to feel bad for not being a skank, then you got it wrong. Your passive-aggressive shit is not the way to remain friends.”

She hovered over the send button, her moral compass spinning wildly. “I should just text him,” she muttered.

With the screech and rumble of air brakes and a cloud of exhaust that could choke a dinosaur, a semi-truck towing two trailers rolled past too close to the curb. Its many tires tumbled through the puddles shimmering at the curb, throwing up mud, dirt, and snuffed cigarette butts, in a city-styled rainbow of filth.

Distracted by Chris and Candy, Jocelyn couldn’t jump back fast enough. She winced, leapt back, but still showered in dirty street water. Muck clung to her new silk shirt and dripped from her hair. She scowled after the truck, but then sighed and chided herself instead.

How long have you lived in the city Jocelyn? Only tourists are stupid enough to stand that close to the curb after crappy weather. This shirt will never be white again. Such a moron!

Before she could turn back towards her apartment, the bus rolled up and the driver threw down his best expression of impatience and insouciance. “Only in Boston,” she muttered.

Spinning on her heel, her toes squishing in wet shoes, she marched towards her apartment with a scowl that cleared her path of anyone that wasn’t similarly buried in one device or another as she had been.

And then…


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