“From the dark I feel your lips”

I turned off Twhirl tonight. I was sick of the Adam Lambert tweets.

Yes, I watched the controversial performance. Yes, as you must know if you’ve ever read me before, I found the kiss incredibly sexy. I also talked about the rest of it with a mother who had to explain to her 11-year old daughter what he was doing with the boy on the leash.

So here’s the deal. I am not surprised people are upset about acting out oral sex on stage. Personally, I don’t care. They had clothes on after all. I remember being very shocked by things Madonna did on stage when I was in high school. But then, we look and here and now, and I write about men sharing oral sex and other fun and pleasurable activities together. I’m not the average American.

What gets my hackles up is the double standards involved in the entire mess. Yes, Madonna had some risqué moves on stage in my time. I don’t pay attention to her now, so maybe she still does. When straight girls (Madonna and Britney of Twitter spam fame) kiss, CBS didn’t blur it out, yet with the now infamous Adam Lambert kiss, they did. So why were the boys so much worse than the girls?

In all honesty, while this has been considered controversial and so many people want Lambert to apologize, I’m glad he hasn’t. It’s the religious way, dear Readers. I was raised Catholic, and you could sin all you want as long as you ask for forgiveness. The politicians love that rule. As an artist, I will never apologize for my explicit sexual content, and I support Lambert’s choice to politely decline such a request.  He has admitted he was, and is, seeking shock value. By the way, average disgusted American, I knew that just by looking at the boy. Did you think glam was the next Sunday School fashion? Why is anyone at all surprised that he did something newsworthy on stage? Really?

Let’s draw to the point because this is a well-beaten dead horse. The news, the Twitter trending topics, the righteous right wingers and, of course, all the gossip, has done more good than bad. Good for Lambert. According to his Twitter feed tonight, his album is #3 this week. Take that ABC, CBS, and every single homophobe that blushes with the thought of him kissing another man sometime in the near future.

Personally, I never head Lambert sing. I have a huge loathing for reality shows and have refused to pay American Idol much attention. With more than a week’s worth of annoying hashtags on Twitter, such as #boycottABC and #shameonyouFCC, I couldn’t resist any longer. Not only did I seek out the artist behind the controversy, but I loved his voice. Sure, I’d prefer he went darker and heavier with the music (and I think his voice can handle that), but the dancer in my past enjoyed the album as much as the present lover of quality vocals did.

Yes, censors, I bought the entire album because you fuzzed out a kiss.


PS Clarification: All hashtags annoy me. When I see “Let’s make #annoyinghashtag a Trending Topic!” I cringe and consider a mass purging of followers.

(Though you knew that already, didn’t you.)


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