Focus: Like a Kid on a Sugar Rush

Mid-December. Really? Where did the month go?

I vaguely remember reminding myself to do a resolutions post after Thanksgiving. I remember doing that again during the first week of December. I kept pushing it off in favor of other posts. I even tempted myself to change my rule about blogging every day just to squeeze it in. Monthly resolutions were supposed to be easier. Right?

It’s not as late as it sounds. I’ve been working on these things, even if I haven’t posted them. I’m not doing as well as I’d like, but that’s been about half the months of this project so far. Somehow, telling the world at large that I didn’t make yet another monthly resolution has not been a deterrent for blowing them off. When I started this, I thought it would be. I hate not finishing stuff. I hate admitting defeat. I also know, however, that without concrete deadlines and consequences for missing them, the procrastinator takes over my life.

I’m suffering that now. I don’t have a good writing deadline and so I’ve been ignoring ABANDON. Well, no, not ignoring, because Morgan and Adam have been carousing through my mind, but I haven’t written anything about them lately and I may have totaled 1k since the first of the month.

No, this isn’t going to be a whiny blog about writer’s block. I know what I need to do, but when I sit down to do it my focus goes out the window. Instead of cracking the whip, I let it go. I may even, on occasion wave and wish it fun on its journey. My own fault – not my Muse, not distractions – MINE. I know it. When I’m ready to do something about it I will.

So… resolutions.

I’ve been focusing (haha, yeah, maybe not THAT word) on exercise and vague writing needs. This month is a cloudy, just keep myself going, month. While The Hubby and I are blowing off family for the holidays, and we are not exchanging gifts, I still feel like I’ve been too busy for the past several weeks. So, instead of piling on more, I’m focusing on maintaining what I’ve accomplished so far.

Resolution #1: While I’m not going to the gym as often as I should, I am going at least twice a week and, when I make it that far, I run a minimum of a mile and a half, shooting for two. I would like to maintain two, but craptastic work days keep me closer to one. I refuse to let the day job drop me below that one. I worked too hard to reach it in the first place!

Resolution #2: Even though I haven’t been working on the current WIP, I have been working the writing angle. I’ve been researching options for FALLEN should I get a rejection next month. While I’m not assuming a rejection, I want to be ready in case I get one. I won’t wallow; I’ll resubmit to a new venue. Also along the writing vein, I’ve been mentally preparing a synopsis for Kitty’s story. It is not an M/M erotic romance. In fact, there is one mild M/F scene in it. But, that’s not what Kitty’s story is about. I’ll tell you more when I get into the meat of actually typing and editing the synopsis. For now, I’m working offline, because I think I might add a subplot to it. Kitty tells me something is missing, but we haven’t nailed down what it is yet.

So there you go. Two weeks late, but I did (kinda) have them. Perhaps my next resolution should be to focus more on resolutions? Hah, talk about impossible odds!



2 responses to “Focus: Like a Kid on a Sugar Rush

  • Carrie Cleaver

    Resolutions? Eh. It doesn’t feel like procrastination if you didn’t make a promise in the first place! Ha!

    Good job on pulling Kitty out again. From what I’ve seen of it, it’s a different take on something else. 😉

  • piaveleno

    Oh trust me, I’ve considered not making them in the first place.

    Silly me thought month-long quick hits would be easier than year-long ones which, I resolved long ago, not to make at all.

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