Reject, Revise, and… Red Wine

I wrote this already.

I wrote a post about FALLEN getting its second rejection, and then I set it aside to edit later this evening. Between then and now, I had a great chat with a couple of other writers, (thank you Lexi and Carrie,) and that has helped me make a decision. In the first post, I was debating on resubbing FALLEN right away versus fiddling with it a little more first.

It is amazing how not looking at a MS for two months can change your prospective. I knew Mal and Bran too well, so I wasn’t reading it with the eyes of a reader. The opening needs to lose a couple hundred words. The scene where Mal and Bran get to know each other is slow. The smut is still steamy enough to melt me, but I bet even that can be tightened up a bit.

Yes, I promised to keep trying, to resubmit every rejection, and I will. I will also take the time to make sure that what I sent out is the best story it can be. So, that being said, I hope to take this weekend to pick at FALLEN and tidy up some weak spots. I won’t say I’ll send it out again by the end of the weekend, because it will depend on how much work I discover when I dig in.

To add to that, I’ve decided that I really need to fix up Kitty’s story. It’s more YA than anything I usually do, but 18-year old fact-of-life kind of YA. I won’t bore you with that one just yet, because I do want to revise FALLEN first, but Kitty is the next on the list. Morgan hasn’t been pushed aside — his story, (working title) ABANDON, has more potential than it did during NaNo, but I’m saving that for days I just have to write or I’ll explode. If you write, you probably know those days. No matter what deadline, no matter what line edits, the Muse isn’t happy until some pretty boy has bedded his lover and then sent him on his way. Yeah, those days.

So, if I’m not around much this weekend, I’m (hopefully) revising and editing. There is a chance I’m also gaming with the Hubby, but let’s assume I’ll get a good bit of work done and if not, I’ll have to fess up and face the jeers later.

As always, dear Readers, thanks for the visit. Have a cookie and stay as long as you’d like.



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