When Lies are Good

Those of you that follow me on Twitter (which is most, if not all of you) may have noticed I needed cheap entertainment this morning. (That’s cheap as in free, and not a more derogatory cheap.) In all fairness, I saw someone else doing this a week or two ago, and I thought it might be fun. It was. Thanks to those who played along, both the guessers and those that posted their own challenges.

The challenge? Two lies, one truth, and you get to guess which is which.

If you missed it, or if you’re curious about the lies, here’s a recap!

#2lies1truth My xmas dress came from GoodGoth.com, I own pants that buckle up like my boots, for New Year’s I’ll be covered in LEDs

The LEDs are the truth. For New Year’s we’re going to a party that will be lit by blacklights and anything the partygoers are wearing. The Hubby has ordered a variety of stick on lights to go with my coffin-velvet dress from GoodGoth.com.  As for the pants… I’ve not seen any such thing around here in sleepy NH, though maybe I’ll get lucky and find something like that in Montreal.

#2lies1truth This will be about what my coworkers know about me…  They know: I write M/M smut, I attend nekkid hot tub parties, my bra size.

My coworkers know I write boy-on-boy smut, but I don’t let them see it. I told a couple of them to get them to stop asking to read my stories. It’s a very conservative office and I knew they wouldn’t be interested in such beauty. They couldn’t care less about my personal life, or my bra size. No really, there are a couple of girls in nearby cubicle that are more well-endowed. They’d rather talk about those puppies. Now if we were to talk nipples… Never mind.
#2lies1truth My winter coat is blue and furry, bad girl leather, Land’s End clearance rack.

This one was tricky. For those of you who said it had better be leather, I do wear leather and that jacket needs to be replaced it’s been worn so much, but that is not my winter coat. New England weather is vicious and I would live in Aruba or Arizona given my choice, so I bundle up in a blue suede coat lined with thick white fur. (Fake fur, by the way, it’s as blue too).  The leather is for spring and fall.

In my house you will find: a poster of Brian Molko, a Patriots soda machine, a black lace garter belt. #2lies1truth

The garter belt is a big pain to hook up, so boys, if you have someone special willing to wear these contraptions for you, make sure you appreciate it. As for the other two, both were good choices as I’ve drooled over both in the recent past. A buddy of mine has the Pats soda machine and I’ve coveted it since he bought it years ago. I don’t drink much soda now, but I’d still put one in my gaming room because it’s the Pats. As for Brian Molko, well, we’re talking Brian Molko here. If you doubt that choice you haven’t been paying attention. No posters though, just daydreams and a Muse with haunting similarities.

Special thanks to all the guys and gals that played along today. I had fun and I hope you did as well.



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