Plucking the Angel’s Wings

Perhaps I spoke too soon, or perhaps, as is often the case, I don’t have a good idea of what I can accomplish in a given period of time. One third of the way through the month and I already hit my twelve minute mark for one mile. That was last Friday and I don’t know yet if it’s sustainable since I felt like the veins in my face would explode during the last two minutes, but I have the rest of the month to keep practicing.

Meanwhile, I’ve yet to edit FALLEN. Okay, to be fair, I did cut out the four hundred words that slowed down the beginning. I’ve yet to decide where to sneak in bits of that so that all the details match up, but that’s a minor thing. What I need to do first is read through everything after the big cut and decide what I can do to make the story cleaner and more engaging. I don’t see it being done this month like I promised though. I just can’t wrap my head around what I was trying to accomplish with this storyline. Angels… I’m no angel.

Despite my bellyaching earlier in the month, I haven’t been avoiding writing. I’m still not writing much, but I’m trying. CRANK must continue. I have loose sketches of what needs to happen over the next couple of months of posts, so I’m not quite as frustrated with that project as the others, like Morgan and LOVE WITH ABANDON. (Let’s just call Morgan’s story LWA for short, shall we? Or maybe I shouldn’t be so damn lazy about formatting. Using all caps is the lazy way to format titles.) I do have piles of handwritten pages with Morgan and his beau, so soon I’ll need to force myself into a long, painful bout of transcription. My wrists hurt just thinking about it!

Ah, but I digress, the resolutions weren’t about transcription, but I do need one for that too. As long as I’m smoking crack on the to-do list, let’s add one for organizing my files too. I spent an hour rearranging folders on the flash drive trying to make sense of which fiction is stored where. It didn’t help much compared to the overall file of chaotic intents.

Things to do. Things to do. Maybe another month, because regardless of my moodiness, I do love FALLEN and I need to get that back out in the query jungle again.

Excuse me but I have work to do.



One response to “Plucking the Angel’s Wings

  • Carrie Cleaver

    Ah, organization. Such a hassle. If only computers were smarter and automatically tagged files and secreted them away in folders. Then we could spend more time on WRITING.

    Best of luck. Here if you need a wall to bounce off of.

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