Blood, Music, and Chaos

Chaos is my world. I strive for order, but not everywhere, and when I do, it is short lived spurts of desperation. What does this mean? Well, for one, that list of four books I started reading a few blog posts back, is still in the “actively reading” pile. All four. I’m halfway through the first two and the second two I’ve read one chapter.

Despite having four books started already, when Keith Melton’s BLOOD VICE showed up at my door in a box soaked by snow melting off the roof (thanks UPS) I dove right in. BLOOD VICE beat the 20-page test easily. In the first few paragraphs, the Italian Mafioso stereotypes annoyed me, (but hey, it’s the mafia, and we’ve all seen the movies or read the history. They are what they are). Besides that was quickly overruled by Melton’s hit man vampire, Karl Vance, who both embraces and rejects stereotype. He is an expert in his trade, his skills enhanced by his immortal abilities but, speaking of vampirism, Melton does not flaunt his character’s supernatural abilities, writing them in as if second nature. Sure, doesn’t every city have a secret vampire assassin?

This story has moved to the top of the list and I’ll share more when I’m done. I expect that will be soon, and likely sooner than RELENTLESS. That is, unless it inspires me to dust off my blood-suckers, as it tempted me to do in the first two chapters.

Speaking of temptations, Morgan has finally developed enough to be an unrelenting enticement to write when I should be editing. FALLEN needs a good edit and since I spent so much time on it previously, it wouldn’t take much to tighten up the spots I want to address. Yet Morgan has wormed his way into my Muse’s bed and thus, I can think of little else. Sure, I could buckle down and just do it, but I’m enjoying this character with his playboy lifestyle and charming personality. Now if only I could get him to listen to something a little harder and darker than Adam Lambert. I cannot choose my character’s musical tastes. You would think I could, but so far, any attempt to sway what they want to hear when I write risks the magic that is creativity.

It’s all good. I like Lambert’s voice and STRUT fits Morgan better than any Placebo song. Besides, it gives me a break from Crandall’s fascination with Nickelback.

Now it’s time to give Maximian some attention. I don’t know what he wants. No, correction, I know what he wants, but I don’t know what he expects me to write tonight. He rolls his eyes at Morgan, and if he had to stay in the same room as Crandall he’d slap the boy.

I’ll pour some tequila and let the Muse do the negotiating.



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